Ninth Gen Honda Civic comes to Pakistan

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Atlas Honda without making any noise, brought the latest Civic into Pakistan like a ninja literally like one. While globally, in 2010-11, Honda gained quite some attention before rolling out the 9th Gen Civic by producing quite a lot of sketches and teasers and they did help its launched. It was delayed from 2010 to 2011. But rightly so as market conditions wasn’t good at that time and tougher fuel economy and emissions regulations.

At the time of writing this, Atlas Honda’s website hasn’t been updated yet but new models always come late into Pakistan. A lot late. The ninth gen Civic is almost two years late to launch into Pakistan.

Throughout the world, Honda will be offering petrol, Hybrid and natural gas variants in the world but to maintain an ultra-luxury look in Pakistan, Atlas Honda isn’t likely to introduce the natural gas variant in Pakistan like it hasn’t done so in the past.

The ninth gen Civic is lighter and smaller than the its predecessor, and it comes equipped with Eco Assist technology but we aren’t sure whether or not Atlas Honda will offer it here.

It is an information system, which continuously provides feedback on your driving style so you can drive in a better fuel efficient way. In Japan, the system has been popular and has improved fuel economy for Hybrids by 10%.

There are a variety of engines available in the world however, Pakistan will most likely be getting a 1.8 Liter engine which has said to be improved in fuel economy than its predecessor.

Atlas Honda hasn’t provided any information as the official launch here in Pakistan is still a bit away, but Pakistan is restless, seriously, we don’t have other cars to look forward to, this is the only time we get excited in atleast a 4-5 years.

Complete picture gallery here: Pictures: 2013 Honda Civic Launched in Pakistan – September 2012

Honda Civic 2012-2013

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  1. Naeem Abbas says

    beautifull car in town.

  2. Osama Saif says

    Now we got a rival for JDM compact tempered sedans…..

  3. Homayoon Asalam says

    Honda site has been updated, eco assist feature has been offered in Pak alongwith numerous other features like cruise control, IMDI, steering controls etc. Price tag for base model is 1.96 million.

  4. Umer Hamid Enam says

    Options are v good.

  5. Tanzeel Chaudhary says

    making fool the nation.

  6. Muhammad Ali Butt says

    guys, do u think this car deserves to cost you 25 lakh + registration charges.. total waste of money…no doubt car is excellent but too over-priced.

  7. Shah Hasnain says

    very beautiful and reliable car.

  8. Haseeb A Qureshi says

    yaar faarigh model hay…. nothing special…

  9. Muhammad Ali Butt says

    waqai yar.. ma khud surprised hoon….peechay sa camry ..agay sa city..ajeeb gand mara ha…i think if altis introduces a new shape, civic ki sale kam hoo jai ge…coz altis is beautiful

  10. Tahir Bhatti says

    Butt tere kehne ka matlab k mein ne paise zaya ker diye hein, i ll get it in next three weeks.

  11. Muhammad Ali Butt says

    lol…yar i think reborn was better, this model is good but not price wise…like itnay paisoon ma tu accord cl9 aa jai gee which is an evergreen shape and i think much faster than this civic..
    waisay tahir, have u tested sonata? suna hai rocket ha?

  12. Omair Ahmed Khan says

    Hyundai bring your 2012-13 Elantra and honda and toyota will be saving their a**es.

  13. Tanveer Ahmed says

    The car was inroduced earlier in Gulf…it miserably failed… now to sell them, they have changed it to Right hand drive and thrown in the trash of Pak market.

  14. Ahmad Ali says

    Agree with u bro. in this price tag, we can instead buy a Japanese brand.

  15. Arslan Naeem says

    This car was intorduced worldwide last year…first thing, in Gulf there is no assembling plant of Honda. I was in Purchaing department of Honda when the working on this model at its peak..there is no change(from Left to Right) and thrown in Pakstan market. All is newly developed in Pakistan….and I think the features this car contain, you could not find in Toyota or any other local assembling car

  16. Omer Afzal says

    Failed in thai saudi and uae

  17. Ali Nizaar says

    bcaz in gulf countries they prefer to have minimum 2.5 L.

  18. MA Khan A says

    Its a total waste of precious money, if someone has to buy a pakistani car for 2.5M I wonder why wont they buy a japanese car which is more reliable and comfortable than these local made cars.Atlas Honda to either adjust to the price hike or lose market….

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