Pictures: 2013 Honda Civic Launched in Pakistan – September 2012

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Honda has recently launched 2013 Honda Civic while production of existing Honda Civic model has been put to stop. However the process of clearing old Civic cars is underway. Price quote for new Honda Civic 2013 is uncertain but base model price is estimated between 21 and 23 lacs depending upon specs. The latest Honda Civic 2013 model is equipped with noisy cabin, vague steering and mediocre quality of interior.  View images of latest Civic 2013 model revealed by Honda Pakistan.

Honda Civic 2013 Gallery

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There are few people who think Honda got late in launching Civic 2013 in Pakistan.  Honda Civic 2013 was launched in United States last year and failed in that market. 2013 Honda Civic did well mark in Thailand, Bangkok, and African automotive markets. Other people think it’s a remake of 2002 Toyota Camry. See gallery of Honda Civic 2013 recently launched in Pakistan.

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  1. Gulraiz Asad says

    wah kia gari hai.

  2. Farhan Saleem says

    is this hybrid?

  3. Osama Saif says

    Writer seems to be among from the community of hatred of Honda cars who just post something without having sound knowledge and want's to pay 1.6 million for manual door mirrors and 1.3L car.

  4. Rizwan Muhammad says

    whts the price tag…

  5. Asif Alizai says

    road pa aya g to pata chalay ga kasi ha ,,,, dakhnay ma orr chalnay ma………

  6. Muhammad Tahseen Mustafa says

    Honda Civic 2013 model is equipped with { noisy cabin } LOL…

  7. Arslan Akmal KambOh says

    camry loook

  8. Muhammad Shahbaz Qadir Marral says

    price is too much…

  9. Mohammad Haroon says

    Classic. Specially interior is outclass.

  10. Khursand Khalid says

    camry and city luk but interior is awsum..

  11. Malik Naeem Tiwana says

    this a very beautiful car.

  12. Welcom Back says

    it’s a remake of 2002 Toyota Camry

  13. Usman Farooq Khalid says

    Its very much expensive. One must consider the economic conditions of the country before launch. I guess it will be a failure. .

  14. Atif Shahzad Malik says

    I agreed

  15. Atif Shahzad Malik says

    but still there are people who did not see the cost. That's why they offer and revise the price change on almost by monthly since last 2 years

  16. Umer Farooq Khalid says

    It will be a hit. Guaranteed.

  17. Muneeb Hadi Nadeem says

    the New Civic is not a great hit in Saudia..Even the new accord is going to be touch more expensive..

  18. Rahat Ali says

    how about its comparison with old reborn?

  19. Ahmad Ali says

    old reborn is much more impressive.

  20. Kaleem Ullah says

    Interior is beautiful, but old reborn is much better considering the current cost

  21. Ali Ahmad says

    Most of the ppl, in forums, has shown hatred against this model. Also this model is already launched in USA last year and reported in the forums as a failure. I don't know why Honda increases price of every new model for the features which are just nothing to increase the price anyway.

  22. Azeem Chowhan says

    This is a nice one..with good interior and cabin features..and hope it will be a hit…
    What's the price tag?

  23. Kamal Kaleem says

    Kamal Alvi:- Nice Car but old reborn will take time to b beaten———–do u agree my friends?

  24. Junaid Tayyab says

    how much did it cost.

  25. Asad Riaz says

    yes i agree with you

  26. Kamal Kaleem says


  27. Kamal Kaleem says


  28. Malik Rizwan says


  29. Shahzeb Subzwari says

    is it more faster then toyota altis..

  30. Khalid Mughal says

    Blue colour

  31. InOccnt HamXa says

    alla car I want itt.

  32. Vickyali Av says

    nice car honda civic.

  33. Ahsan Butt says

    I like this.

  34. Saddam Ibrahim says

    hmm nice car

  35. Haris Ilyas says

    not a nice looking car as reborn introduced by honda in 2006. its just like honda city and better to give this shape to new model city. but for civc, its realy a blunder………………….

  36. Haris Ilyas says

    not compete old reborn ever.

  37. Maesqarsnr Siddiqui says

    I love civic.
    it's a very lovly car.

  38. Owais Malik says

    Guys any idea when the redesign American civic 2013 would come in pak to replace our civic 2012?

  39. Owais Malik says

    yar any one ve an idea when the American redesigned civic 2013 would be coming to Pakistan? I like that car, don't wana buy this one.please help.

  40. Mahad Shaikh says

    well actually i think hes write the new civic was launched in us and pk both see the difference in boths appearance ones flaming on wheels while other is box on wheels besides the model launched in pk as 2013 is the 2012 model of us see the difference
    and even so the one in pk lacks most of the safety features included with the car and power(hp) (read spec in detail to find out) when compared to all the other models worldwide its a rip off besides you can add rs 13 lakhs to the amount of the car abroad and get something hell better
    something like the new better looking highend camary or accord which in pk costs 95 lakhs plus for the camary and 75 plus for the accord

  41. Adnan Syed says

    Pakistan sucks if any one of you been abroad then you know how shit cars are in Pakistan and the price tag is only the bankers knows how many digits makes what? like other day I saw a price for the Toyota land cruiser which I have I England for about 35,000 pounds it means 35000*152.50=5337500 about 53 lacks year is 2011.same 4×4 in Pakistan is about 1,5200,0000 god knows how much year 1997.its a joke. but on the other hand if u need to buy rocket launcher its about 1500 Rs at least some comfort.

  42. Adnan Syed says

    I am not sure its very sad moment.because you can get same interior 2000 model cars and the price tag is 1000 pounds from England.I am driving Merck 350s 2000 model which cost me 7000 pounds in rupees about 10,29,000… come this car is 1.6 million RS not good my friends stop buying cars so the price tags come down.I think its too much to ask to Pakistani people.any way good luck with that.

  43. Ladla Safee says

    best modal ta 2012…… yeh ni pasnd aya…sory.

  44. Muhammad Usman says


  45. Muhammad Usman says

    2200000 to 2500000

  46. Muhammad Usman says

    Beautiful I m usd

  47. Muhammad Usman says

    its Pakistaaaaaaannnnnn……..!!!!!!!!

  48. Hanan Asghar says

    nt:::: impressive like an old rebon.

  49. Usama Arshad says

    If there any news about flooping of this model????

  50. Ali Khan says

    Kaleem Ullah : I require Reborne, Oriel, Camera/ Navigation system Manual. Have any one ? May I get its soft copy ? Pls inform me at ([email protected])

  51. Nabeel Ahmed Khan says

    should I spend 60000 for navigation and multimedia? Does the normal stereo have usb port for music?
    can I get those later? any info would be good? I am opting for ivtec prosmatic model.

  52. Huma Imran says

    what is noisy cabin

  53. Huma Imran says

    rply fast , what is noisy cabin ???????????///

  54. Adnan Liaquat says

    It's more in UK, starting from about 15k

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