Toyota Tundra will pull a space shuttle

Toyota Tundra hasn’t been used in Pakistan for what it was built for, neither do the owners in Pakistan know about it as it is more of a social display of wealth and power. It is bigger than Mazda T3500 trucks and buses and also packs alot more power than the average trucks used here and to display that power, Toyota will be pulling the space shuttle Endeavor, a good 12 miles.

Toyota will be using the half-ton 2012 Tundra to pull the 300,000 pounds shuttle using a specially designed rig, a quarter-mile at a time.

Space shuttle Endeavour will be towed 12 miles from Los Angeles International Airport to the California Science Center museum on October 13, and the Tundra will hitch up to the shuttle for the last quarter mile of the trip. The towing rig was made specifically for this event, allowing the full-size Tundra to pull almost 30 times its regular towing capacity. Toyota says that the truck used to tow Endeavour will be a stock V8 Tundra with no enhancements or modifications.

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Baber K. Khan

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  • waqar ahmed

    watch top gear usa it pulled an aeroplane …..