Watch a record breaking number of 964 Ferraris drive around at Silverstone, England

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We have seen car parades a lot of times, even members of Pakwheels have hosted Civic only events, Volkswagon Car Club of Pakistan has hosted Beetles parades around the city of Karachi but the number wasn’t as magnificent as the number of these Ferraris that arrived at the Silverstone Circuit in England to be part of the largest parade (car meet) of Ferraris the world has ever seen.

There was a reason of nine hundred and sixty-four Ferraris coming together, and it was aimed at beating the old Guinness Book record of 490 Ferraris that came together and went around a Japanese track in 2008 as Ferrari have said.

The F1 driver, Felipe Massa led the parade in his 458 Spider and gave us something for which we could put on hold, even the most beautiful lady as well.

The parade wasn’t just about Ferraris going round a track but the proceeds from this event were sent off to BEN, a British charity supporting people who have worked in the automotive industry and their families.

Were you there at the event? Watch this video if you were not!

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    kindly give credit to video maker please.

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