Nissan Wants You to Drive With Just One Pedal!

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Two pedals are so overrated why not configure the gas pedal to both accelerate and decelerate the vehicle? Well, on electric vehicles, that’s a possibility, and it’ll be a feature on the redesigned 2017 Nissan Leaf.

It’s not a revolutionary technology, per se, but it’s still a big leap forward for Nissan’s electric car.
Nissan calls its technology e-Pedal, which is activated with a single switch. Pressing the pedal normally will make the car go faster while lifting your foot off will cause it to slow down more aggressively than doing so in a gas car. Release the pedal on a hill, and the car will hold itself there until you’re ready to push off.
The e-Pedal name is just a clever marketing gimmick. It’s essentially some very aggressive regenerative braking, which converts the vehicle’s kinetic energy into the current that replaces some of the battery’s charge.
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