No Official Response from Honda Atlas Leaves Civic Lovers Waiting

It wasn’t very long ago when Honda decided to introduce the new Civic in Pakistan. For days, people anticipated on it and the company’s official launch marked a successful marketing campaign. But as soon as Honda started the delivery of this car, many PakWheelers submitted their reviews and the problems they observed with this car in Pakistan. From bad welds in the doors, to the poor finishing of the interior; nothing was spared in these articles. But my biggest concern is not these articles.Being a Honda owner and a fan, i kept checking Honda Pakistan’s website and other places where the company could officially respond to this but couldn’t find anything so far. I would like see some official press release from Honda Atlas Pakistan in response to the issues reported against the New Civic. And so far Honda Atlas Pakistan has not released any such statement, which could placate or provide answers to all these reported issues.

I am not advocating for anybody but the fact remains that the lack of any official word from Honda Atlas Cars on these posts is very strange. Surely, in today’s time companies depend on their good public relations because their sales and revenues are directly tied with it.

If these issues are real, then they need to be addressed. Let’s consider a few examples in this regard:

#1 When Toyota Recalled 1.9 million Prius Hybrids

Toyota's next-generation Prius featuring Hybrid Synergy Drive technology

Toyota Recalled 1.9 million of its top-selling Prius hybrid cars because of a software fault that caused erratic behavior in vehicle’s performance. The new software problem set off warning lights and had a higher ratio of initiating the vehicle’s fail-safe mode, which needed up reducing the car’s driving power. But despite this gigantic recall from around the globe, Toyota is forecasting a record profit.

#2 When death by Takata Airbag initiated the biggest vehicle recall

Yes, ladies and gentlemen this is true. Apparently, the Takata airbags have been found to rupture and send shrapnel into the people. 14 auto-manufacturers have recalled more than 24 million vehicles in U.S. Apparently the situation really sunk in and made people realize about the potential dangers of faulty airbags, when (Huma Hanif) was killed due to a fatal wound, which she received from a ruptured air bag during a fender-bender minor car crash. She was also the tenth person who was killed due to these ruptured airbags.

Honda Logo

Honda Pakistan needs to realize the importance of an official response on the issues raised lately on the New Civic’s build quality. This will help them in sustaining the positive attitude of huge and loyal customer base with the ‘Civic’ brand in Pakistan.

What are your views on Honda’s silence in this matter?

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Abdul Hanan

Hanan is an avid auto enthusiast with a flair for writing and playing games. He loves traveling, deciphering political maneuvering and exploring the realms of coding & graphic designing.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    bhai this is Pakistan. these companies do not give a damn as long as people dont decide to do sth about it which could put a dent to their sales and teach them a lesson. naya shape agaya hai people will buy it no matter what its all about social status over here, which was evident by the success of pre-booking in which Atlas earned way more than they might have imagined without even showing the car to the people. Laughable.

  • Guest

    Agreed. There are some rumors circulating that Honda Japan have taken notice of the shitty finishing quality of the new Honda Civic and is taking appropriate steps. But this sort of behavior is not acceptable in any case.
    I mean if I had a product based company and somebody pointed out its less than efficient looks (etc). Then I would definitely investigate and own my products. It works like this everywhere.

  • Tahir Usman

    Really badly finished car!Honda Japan needs to shaft Honda Atlas bad!!!

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    There should have been Led headlamps with the new Civic, no? (meter is another missing feature) The regular ones look like shit imo ruin the look of the car. Doesnt appeal to me much

  • Another guest

    Companies never give a damn. Toyota too never gave a damn about their “unintended acceleration” till NHTSA opened an inquiry into the matter.

    Similar stories with Dodge, etc. so many other vehicle manufacturers.

    Therefore, Honda will never give a damn unless their profits suffer. Which means low sales or big fines.

  • Shahab Nasir

    May be it is because it isnt really important to atlas what pakwheels says. Do they really have to say it loud? Figure out already please

  • Umer Khan

    it will never be addressed……..i am a ninth gen civic owner ….if anyone remembers…..the ninth gen civic brochure and the honda website …….showed an icon of phone (cell phone)….on the IMID……but it actually never appeared in any of the real cars IMID……i contacted..them for more than an year for this problem…that why my car’s IMID doeanot show the phone icon…besides showing everything else…like temp…avg consupmtion …range, .etc. …but for more than an year no positive response….for the first few months…it seemed they….were not understanding what i was saying…..a lady called saba from honda lahore contacted me and she failed to understand… they …are very cunning people…they show a thing in advertisement..that even dont exist in reality…….above all you have to pay an extra 1 to 2 lac ruppess for the 40000….60000 maintainance…..

  • Umer Khan

    now the 10 gen is more appealing…nore spacious…with low quality finishing having welding marks…etc…buts its because of these very arrogant……stone hearted people…that i am not going for it……will but it….once outside…pakistan…not from the atlas…

  • Abdullah

    Are they planning to launch a manual version????????

  • Shurjil Butt

    Because in Pakistan: No one gives a rat’s F*&# to customer service. Period !

  • Soccer Guy

    Couldn’t agree more. People care more about showing off than getting benefit of their investment.