Notification Issued for Crackdown Against Heavy Bikes

Passionate heavy bikers will now have to be really cautious and watchful while enjoying speedy rides on the roads of Lahore. According to a notification issued on the 13th of February by Deputy IG Police Lahore, un-registered heavy bikers riding recklessly on the road will be communicated to the motor registration authority for strict action. Due to the fact that reckless riding is a threat for human life of rider and pedestrians: anyone found guilty of reckless heavy biking have to face a lawsuit under the section 279 PPC.

According to the Deputy IG Police Lahore, it has been observed that various unregistered heavy bikes have been found violating the traffic rules in the Lahore cantonment areas. To overcome this situation, military police has also been requested to communicate necessary directions to the field staff in order to conduct checking of heavy bikes for the safety of pedestrians.


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