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Yes, I am guilty that caption has been taken from a famous internet meme. This quote refers to the high amount of vehicles up for sale which were cleared from the recent Amnesty Scheme. The vehicles include SUV’s/pick-up’s, sedans, hatchback and even a numerous amount of sports cars.

mazda-rx-7-1998-2872288 mazda-rx-7-1995-2785424

Sports cars like the Mazda RX-7 are up for sale by the dozen, even in the used cars for sale section, there are at least 10 up for grabs at the moment. Prices starting from 19lacs and go all the way upto 24lacs for the later model years (eg: 2001/2002). There are also a handful of Toyota Supra MK IV’s and Nissan Skyline GT-R’s (R32/R33) for sale as well.


mazda-rx-7-1996-3050233 mazda-rx-7-1996-3040891


These vehicles are mostly from the Karachi and Peshawar areas. That one question still lurks. Are they being sold? No. Why? Well, the Amnesty Scheme caused a stir when the new government came into office, they imposed a ban on getting these Amnesty Scheme vehicles registered because these are ”so-called” cleared under illegal circumstances. Well, that is just the new governments way of saying we didn’t earn any money, now it’s your time to suffer. You can no  longer registered these vehicles. Hence, these mouth-watering supped’ up sports cars are still up for grabs.









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  1. Saad Ahmed Khan says

    cleared at low prices.. for sale at at high prices..

  2. Ch Imran says

    no need to

  3. Shahid Aziz says

    do you have any toyota crown ??

  4. Waqas Khalid says

    Muhammad Asim

  5. Shahzad Khan says

    Than the government should not aloow it to be legalize it once they order it to legalize where were Islamabad high court at that time it was sleeping at that time that now they call it illegal n secondly u can easily registered ur scheme cars at Peshawar ,Mardan & karachi.than what the hell problem is with Islamabad reg. Many people baught these cars from the agents n etc now what are there fault they paid the total amount now what will they do this is all bullshit there is no policy and no Law in our country .They should stop it at that time so that a common man should not suffer in it.

  6. Shahzad Khan says

    They extend the final dates of the amnesty cars two times which gave more chance to the importers to clear cars even the cars were at Japan port so every1 took advantage from it they should not be allow to do that but again i can say that there is no law no rules and regulation in our Country specially for Common n poor man will always suffer.

  7. Muhammad Arif Iqbal Siddique says

    These all cars r cleared from the custom in Rs 150000 each in jan-feb.

  8. Muhammad Arif Iqbal Siddique says

    Skyline original price from japan is +- $5000

  9. Mehrab Baloch says

    Every vehical was cleared after evaluation, and duty on every vehical is different, on 97 surf 800000, lexsus 2005 appox 30- 35 lac.

  10. Hasni Mir says

    Oh God! Your editor really needs some English lessons!

  11. Adnan Ur Rehman says

    this luxury only for pakistani rich rascals ….in sab haramiyaoo ki maaaa ki kiiiiiii…….

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