Toyota Vitz launched in Thailand

Toyota sells its hatchback under two different name for various markets, Vitz and Yaris its called. From where Pakistan imported the car, in Japan, its called Vitz but in Thailand, it goes by the name Yaris and they have just gotten a new model which is not the same as the one launched in Europe or America.

Thailand has got the same as model as the Chinese did with a little bit of differences. But the biggest difference among the models of the two countries is that the Thailand Yaris will have a 1.2 liter 4-cylinder DOHC and dual vvt-i engine which will produce 86 hp and 108 lbs. ft. of torque, transferred to the wheels through a CVT-i transmission.

The Thai Yaris is also bigger than the one introduce to Europe.

The design is somewhat inspired by Lexus style front grille and even the interior will give you hints of the Camry and Lexus cars.

the-toyota-yaris-like-you-ve-never-seen-it-in-thailand-video-photo-gallery-medium_12 the-toyota-yaris-like-you-ve-never-seen-it-in-thailand-video-photo-gallery-medium_7