Off-road tyres – What you need to know

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There are many types of off-road tyres available around the world such as all-terrain tyres, mud tyres, highway terrain tyres, plus-sized tyres etc. People choose these tyres according to their preference and what type of terrain they want to travel on, as the performance and ability of each off-road is different from each other. In this particular blog, we will be discussing two types of off-road tyres — Mud terrain tyres and all-terrain tyres; their pros and cons so, that we can easily choose what type of tyre will suit while traveling.

One of the main reasons people face problem while traveling off-road is due to choosing a wrong off-road tyre. This article will help you choose the right one.

Mud-terrain tyres


Mud-terrain tyres are designed with deep tread patterns, so that they can grip and run easily on rock shelves and mud terrains. One of the pros of using these tyres is that they don’t puncture easily if one use them on right track. Furthermore, they provide better traction on sand, mud, snow and rocky terrains than All-terrain tyres.

And now coming to cons, Mud tyres are costlier than other off-road tyres, they consume more fuel compared to All-terrain tyres. And remember that don’t use these tyres on regular roads as they will create quite a bit of noise and have worse rolling resistance than Highway tyres and All-terrain tyres.

If you go for off-roading thrill once a month then opts for Mud tyres. Remember that different companies make different types of mud tyres so check the ply of the tyres and choose according to your need.

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All-terrain tyres


The other type of tyres are All-terrain tyres, they have better grip than Highway tyres, but not as good as Mud tires. Don’t ever think about using All-terrain tyres on muddy terrains as they will prove worse in that particular terrain. It is important to note here that they have better load rating than highway terrain tyres.

Coming to the pros of these types of tyres then one of the biggest con is that they have long lifespan both on/off road and Mud tyres, so you won’t be getting into a hassle of changing tyres after every off-road trip. Same as mud tyres, all-terrain tyres don’t puncture easily. The best terrains for all-terrain tyres are sand, concrete road, gravel, and rock.

The cons are that it is useless in muddy and snow terrains and are expensive than highway terrains tyres. Nowadays all-terrain tyres are very popular among occasional off-road drivers. If you go for off-roading thrill two or three times a month then opt for all-terrain tyres as they have long lifeline than mud tyres. Companies around the world make different types of all-terrain tyres so check the ply of the tyres and choose accordingly.

That’s it from our side, drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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