2014 Honda City officially launched

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LAHORE: Weeks of rumors, leaks and speculations come to an end today with the official announcement of 2014 Honda City by Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited (HACPL).

On October 16, 2014 HACPL hosted a grand launch event of the all new 2014 Honda City at the Royal Palm Golf & Country Club. According to out correspondent Saad S. Malik, before unveiling the car, Mr. Takeharu Aoki – President, HACPL – quoted PakWheels.com’s survey and awards, stating that the people of Pakistan have chosen Honda Civic as the “Car of the Year” and Honda City as the “Most Fuel Efficient Car”.

The car is same as the existing Honda City that has been in the market since 2009 but with added features and cosmetic changes. The good thing is that HACPL has not increased the prices, yet.

Honda City Aspire 1.3 (1)

Photo: Saad S. Malik

Speaking to the audience, Mr. Takeharu Aoki, President HACPL told:

“We are delighted to launch the evolved Honda City and Aspire in the Pakistani market without any price increase. The more exciting and satisfying news is that we were able to launch the evolved models at the same price with so many added offerings. This reflects the constant efforts that HACPL undertakes to ensure that Honda remains the most preferred and luxurious choice of the Pakistani market offering highest value for money.”

Honda City Aspire 1.3 (2)

Photo: Saad S. Malik

HACPL is not calling it the new City but instead calling it the evolved models of the existing City. Mr.. Ayaz Hafeez – Senior General Manager Sales & Marketing, HACPL, highlighted that the evolved City will have the new features like chrome grill, new bumpers, elegant rear lights, integrated tuner, key-less entry and side mirror turn signals with indicators as standard with no additional charges emphasizing the concept of “So Much More For Nothing More” which is the tagline of the evolved City. He also announced addition of 1.3L Aspire to the existing Honda City lineup. Aspire 1.3L will have leather interior, allow rims, fog lamps, navigation and multimedia with rear view camera in addition to the standard upgraded features.


Keep in mind that the new parts (front bumper, grille, rear bumper) can be retrofitted to the existing City without any alterations, except for the rear-lights, which would require alterations if you want to fit them to the existing City.

No Price Increase

Photo: Saad S. Malik

Pricing of the new models are as follows:

  • Honda City 1.3 (M/T: Rs. 1,508,000/-, A/T: Rs. 1,649,000/-)
  • Honda City Aspire 1.3 (M/T: Rs. 1,638,000/-, A/T: Rs. 1,780,000/-)
  • Honda City Aspire 1.5 (M/T: Rs. 1,658,000/-, A/T: Rs. 1,800,000/-)

Standard Cosmetic Changes:

  • New front bumper
  • New chrome grille
  • New rear bumper with reflectors
  • New rear lights
  • New meter cluster with blue lighting (previous was amber)

Scroll through the gallery below to see more photos:

Photos: Saad S. Malik

Watch the official unveiling video below:

Do you think that Honda would be able to retain its customers with the new concept of “So Much More For Nothing More”? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. zubair ashraf says

    Who will go for aspire 1.3 when the difference is of only 20k from aspire 1.5???

  2. Usman says

    He who wants a sedan that gives good fuel economy.
    1.3 consumes less fuel. In the long term savings are significant

  3. Rehman says

    too little too late.

  4. Abdullah Azkia says

    HONDA MUST GIVE FREE UPGRADE to All those who bought with same Invoice price in 2014….

  5. Guildford Man says

    Really… all these so called goodies… THANKS FOR NOTHING…. a desperate attempt from Honda Pakistan.

    The so called upgrades were standard in other countries many many moons ago.

    A perfect example of Pakistan Automobile Industry ” BEGGARS CANT BE CHOOSERS “

  6. Hassan Hafeez says

    There supposed to be a face lift like the one in india.!

  7. nuttshell69 says

    @Guildford Man: care to provide some examples? leather seats, fog lights, alloy rims, navigation are all options for basic trims and std for other trims, some manufacturere offer backup cam as std in the base trim. at least in the US, not sure about other countries you are talking about.

  8. zeeshan says

    “The car is same as the existing Honda City that has been in the market since 2009 but with added features and cosmetic changes. The good thing is that HACPL has not increased the prices, yet.”

    lakh di lanat Honda Atlas, rest of the world is enjoying the next generation model and they are launching facelifts.

  9. Ibrahim says

    The main point or problem still exists. We in pakistan do not have competition. Look at the competition in telecom industry, if similar competition existed in automobile industry, these petty cosmetic changes would have been there within 2-3 years of launch of the initial model. These changes have been done to clear out the stock as quickly as possible. I dont consider them as changes, these are mere improvements. Had they been really smart, they would have improved the rear suspension to make it more comfortable for pakistani roads without compromising on body roll.

  10. Raheel says

    No Dear sir its not the case, the same face lift was carried out in India in 2013 and in Thailand in 2012. So we hope that HACPL would launch the new shaped city somewhere in 2015-16, which again is fair enough. Again I would quote the comparison with Indus motors, only shape change nothing more the same old rotten features, same old rotten transmission and the price is one and a half lacs more! lakh di lanat on Indus Motors I guess, not Honda Atlas.

  11. Raheel says

    What could you expect more from a rotten economy and a shattered local car market? I guess its indeed much better than Indus motors who are the real thieves offering the new shaped corolla with the same or perhaps lesser than these features for a damn cost of 18, 25000 for the automatic version. The transmission of the 1.3 AT corolla is also pathetic 4 speed, now vanishing from the international market. Compare it with City 1.3 the cost is almost one and a quarter lacs more, so you see we are living in such a world of cheaters and losers. And if Honda has offered the uplift for no more cost, don’t you all think its commendable? I guess Honda has been doing great and they have continued with their agenda of offering the premium quality with reasonable prices. Still!

  12. Raheel says

    I guess those would go for it who has fuel conservation in mind……

  13. Raheel says

    Well, Honda must think on these lines to retain its popularity, not a bad suggestion indeed.

  14. Raheel says

    No Rehman bhai its never too late in a country with annual sales of cars lesser than 100,000 units a year and a desperate economy.

  15. Raheel says

    Jaisea dais waisa bhais Ibrahim bhai , who would be judging suspension in a country where the literacy rate is lesser than 40%

  16. ysk says

    Literacy rate has nothing to do with Suspension. Infact, they have already rejected the poor suspension of Honda City and buy only Toyota…It is the literate ones who are erring.

  17. Raheel says

    The Choice of the literate ones bhai jaan is still Honda not the lousy Toyota!

  18. Raheel says

    The Choice of the literate ones bhai jaan is still Honda not the lousy Toyota!

  19. Raheel says

    Toyota has an outdated technology, they are implementing it on the new shape, the car introduced in pakistan as corolla has totally different specifications and engine internationally.

  20. Raheel says

    Toyota has an outdated technology, they are implementing it on the new shape, the car introduced in pakistan as corolla has totally different specifications and engine internationally.

  21. Hashir Shahbaz says

    I thought a new shape was coming! :O

  22. ysk says

    Not sure how did end up claiming all literate ones drive Honda ?? Secondly, the lousy suspension is a lousy suspension even if Einstein drives it.

  23. Raheel says

    No Sir, have you driven the new Corolla? Feel its hard suspension. Drastically changed as compared to the previous model of corolla, the trend is to make the suspension a bit harder for better manoeuvrability of the vehicle and more effiicient and effective control,,,,Its not with honda or toyota its a global trend, Its a trend toyota has adopted it now, that has already been opted for by Honda since 2009!

  24. Hasan Saghir says

    Well, a little disappointment, We have see same shape for next 5 years 🙁 but I think due to price factor it will be keep on selling and I think City 1.3 is best car in Pakistan so far. City’s engine has no match, drove new City at 190KM smoothly where as new 1.6 and 1.3 GLI couldn’t go above 175KM with jerking. Only issue I feel in City was of space, 5 people in a car and you feel the difference as compared to Corolla. I thought they were launching new wider shape like Corolla. Also, sadly, resale is quite poor. One scratch on a body and its price dropped in hundred thousands
    So Next Gen GLI at 17.7 Lac and Face-lifted Aspire at 16.3 Lac. 150K difference! that’s a tough one 🙂

  25. Raheel says

    hahahahaah Dear YSK just look at the sales stats of your favorite NEW TOYOTA COROLLA and you would know dear brother what is the market trend. You can’t survive on rotten technology for ever bro. Toyota Indus people must realise it by now yar.

  26. Raheel says

    I agree with you Hasan bhai, Look at the price of Toyota new shape GLI automatic its price is RS. 18, 67, 500/- and its the lousy old same 1.3 lit engine, compare it with the price of Honda City Prosmatic (not Aspire) Rs. 16, 49,000 with so much more goodies including the Key Less Entry that is now a standard feature in city which still is absent in the 18 lacs 67 thousands 500 corolla!

  27. Max Central says

    Exactly, i bought 6 months ago Honda City Std and back then people at the showroom confirmed me that no changes or new model would come until May next year. Honda should provide these addons for free or at a reasonable price so we wouldn’t feel bad. This will definitely improve Honda customer care reputation.

  28. Max Central says

    They should have offered Sun Roof in Aspire 1.3 / 1.5.

  29. Naeem Khan says

    Both City models, 1300 cc or 1500 cc, are comparatively underpowered in terms of performance so that won’t change. The old shell with improved cosmetics on the same chassis seems more a reaction to the Toyota Grande and its array of options rather than any real worthwhile improvement to the car or its performance. Could be a good deal to the aesthetic minded consumer.

  30. Muhammad Arifeen says

    FYI, City aspire is not a keyless entry (as showmen in the picture) as it has a remote unlock key. Keyless entry does not require a key, doors automatically opens when driver come close to door. Also it starts with a push button not with a key.
    If honda claims keyless entry and provide the key to unlock the car then they can be sued

  31. Hamzeh N Saabhi Hamzeh says

    Ppl…. check out the new H. City launched in India, its much better stylewise than the iteration being sold in Pakistan since 5 years i.e. 2009!

  32. Shahrukh Saleem says

    why in the hell they didnt change the shape? :/

  33. Moeez says


  34. Tahir says

    They are toying with the people ! Some thing like “old wine in a new bottle!” Shame shame atlas honda !

  35. Mohsin Iqbal says

    “Fuel Efficiency” is a real differentiator in the long run. But both manufacturers (Toyota and Honda) are giving a lousy 10-12 km/liter average within city on Air Conditioning. So, why bother!

  36. Rehman says

    drive toyota fielder all those supporting honda will come to know about the speed / level of space and comfort it is providing

  37. adnan syed says

    New Honda city which they launched in India is on Jazz platform, which is different in size as compared to 2009 city So honda Atlas had to invest more in launching new shape, Honda to save its market in India after the flop of Jazz and Civic which is out of production in 2013 in India launch new city their, no such problems for them in Pakistan. The only question is that why they r hesitant to enter into thriving hatch back market in pakistan filled with re-conditioned cars. why not Brio.

  38. Amina says

    If any one want to import a car from Japan or want to know the latest price trends, feel free to contact at skype ID amina.autocom

  39. Fahim shah says

    bro i am planing to buy honda city 1.3 .. tell me truly is honda city is better than toyota corolla the new model Gli.. or i am going to worng market…

  40. Raheel says

    Dear Fahim Honda City is 1000 times better than the shitty toyota corolla new shape. The ride quality, the suspension, the drive control of the car is just superb moreover the price after all these features is almost 2 lacs lesser than this toyota crap. I have got honda city prosmatic 1300 cc and believe you man, its a monster on the road, superb pick, amazing fuel economy and superb ride quality, the best choice no doubt.

  41. shuja says

    Hi bro.
    I am planning to buy automatic 1300cc.
    Please clarify.. Some people say that automatic city is not Good in pick and fuel consumption..
    Please compare with manual city.. Not with corolla at all. I hate corolla.

  42. Sadiq says

    lOl, Toyota offers old wine in new bottle, next one after every genration they launch.

  43. Sadiq says

    To boost up sales until they launch the next generation. Its fair enough to do this. Atleast offering something different with no price increase.
    The idiotic toyota offers is same nut with different engines and features price varying from 1.7 million xli manual car window to fullyloaded cruisetronic altis grande 2.5 m.

  44. Sadiq says

    Its just a facelift, they come as a result of saleboost up tactic until the next launch.

  45. sadiq says

    Actually the educated people are less than 3%.

  46. sadiq says

    LOL. You just made a fool of yourself and bit by your own logic. Honda is more luxury focused brand and stand on next level as it is not only a automobile manufacturer, and obviously mover of sophisticated people, While toyota is the choice of more illiterates. Toyota indus doesnt need to make efforts to bring the best out of every new launch because they already have market and Honda on other hand has takecare of educated ones.

  47. sadiq says

    And you need einstien to claim that market trend? Bhaijaan thats a simple market fact.

  48. sadiq says

    LOL, lakh di lanat. Bingoooo. Lakh di lanat toyota indus.

  49. sadiq says

    Lakh di lanat on toyota×infinite already. Toyota selling same old technology, no class differentiation same shell but different upsizes, 1300cc’s for around 1.8 million to 1.8 cruisetronics for around 2.4 million. While honda offers 2 seperate standards, CITY and CIVIC.
    No wonder toyotas overwhelming market share is among illiterates. Even they cant even keep themselves updated with info.
    Facelift comes to boost upsale until next generation launches. And just wait for the new city with latest technology and features coming staright away to kick some old nutshells.

  50. sadiq says

    Mention crap corollas and altis before honda.

  51. sadiq says

    And withholding tax and registrations. They vary with displacements.

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