OGRA Advocates Steep Hike in Fuel Prices

In a summary sent to the government, OGRA has recommended an increase in prices of all petroleum products. In this (proposed) summary, OGRA has recommended an increase in the prices of:

  • Petrol by 6.11pc per liter
  • High-Speed Diesel by 5.55pc per liter
  • kerosene Oil by 38.63pc per liter
  • Light Speed Diesel by 29pc per liter

OGRA mentioned that suggested tariff had been calculated considering the imports made by PSO (Pakistan State Oil). It is expected that the final decision will be announced by Ishaq Dar on Tuesday 28th March 2017. Sources report that the government is likely to approve a partial increase in petroleum prices proposed by OGRA. This decision is not entirely unpredictable as the regulator and Ministry of Petroleum have been suggesting an increase in the prices of petroleum products for past few months.
Reportedly, the huge price difference in petroleum products was becoming a reason for bad petrol quality as the operators were mixing kerosene with petrol instead of high premium fuel.

Notable Replies

  1. Woh phir bhi kare gae chahae unka profit barha kar 20 rs hi kyon na kar dia jae .

  2. I heard that internationally prices of crude oil has decreased again recently..

  3. 1.8 leli he ab mene to inhon ne meri leni start kardi he petrol prices barha k..

  4. Lolz same is the case with me :wink:

  5. Mashallah, international market main price girey aur idhar increase. What idiots

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