5 Easy and Highly Effective Car Washing Hacks

Thoroughly cleaning your car could get expensive especially if you visit a professional detailing center. However, today we are going to take a look at some tricks that could help you clean your car using common household items. You may have heard about how you can easily remove dead bugs and grime off your windshield using a bottle of coke, wipe off bird droppings and sap from your vehicle’s roof using WD-40 spray, fix minor dings from rusting with nail polish, and remove coffee or vomit stains from your vehicle’s upholstery and carpet using vinegar or club soda, but today we are going to discuss some simple, cheap and unexpected tricks for washing your car to keep it cleaner for long.

Using Hair Conditioner

The hair conditioner that contains lanolin is a great choice for car washing. Using this trick will help you giving your car a freshly waxed look. Even the car washing shampoos used by professional service stations comprise lanolin which not only gives a great shine to the car’s paint but also prolongs its life.

Cleaning Fizz Windshields with Cola

We all know that our vehicle’s windshield turns into a big mess when it rains after a long dry spell. This is when the streaks and blotches appear on it and cause great inconvenience. You can get rid of this mess instantaneously by pouring cola over the affected area. While pouring cola over the windshield, make sure to stretch a towel along the bottom of windshield to protect the hood paint. The bubbles in the cola help fizzing away the grime. Right after this process, make sure to wash the windshield and get rid of the sticky cola.

Using Kerosene for Wash

By adding a cup of kerosene to an approximately three-gallon pail filled with water, you can wash your car really well without even having to wax it. After mixing kerosene with water, all you need to do is to sponge the solution over the car’s body. This would give it a perfect glossy finish and next time it rains, rainwater will bead up and roll off the car, lessening the likelihood of rusting.

Using Baking Soda

By pouring ¼ cup of baking soda into a gallon-sized jug, ¼ cup of dishwashing liquid, filling up the jug with water and shaking it well, you have the best car wash liquid ready. When it comes time to wash the car, shake the jug vigorously and then pour 1 cup of cleaner base into a 2-gallon water pail. Fill the pail with warm water, stir to mix, and your home-made car cleaning solution is ready to use.

Baby Wipes for Cleaning Windows

Did you know, the baby wipes are not just good for the babies, but are also great for your car? Cleaning your vehicle’s windshield or windows by rubbing them with the baby wipes is a great idea. The best places for storing baby wipes in your car would be the glove compartment, wont it be?

Once you have washed your car, make sure to wipe it using a microfiber cloth. Driving your car around while it’s wet—after washing can leave unsightly watermarks on its exterior and reduce paint life.


Notable Replies

  1. Carn says:

    Ridiculous.These are blatantly copied from this Reader's Digest submission (word for word in some places):


    As for actual advice:

    1. Hair conditioner may work, but it washes off easy, also modern conditioners are far too expensive and have too many excessive chemicals to be really good for your car's body, why not get a normal car shampoo? Costs less and works better.

    2. Colas have phosphoric acid, which can (and WILL) damage all metal and plastic parts it touches, use a sponge with car shampoo instead which is just as effective at cleaning dried precipitates off glass. Also when you wash cola off your windscreen, you run the risk of it getting into plastic cracks and crevices where it will start decay

    3. Kerosene will slowly damage and distort all plastic and rubber parts it comes into contact with, once or twice may not do much, but do it repeatedly and you'll eventually have stoppers falling out, plastics breaking apart/cracking etc.

    4. Baking soda is alkaline, so it may not do much harm to the metal parts, and might actually clean some grease/oils, but it will be really slow and ineffective and certainly will damage plastic/composite/epoxy parts on your car, just buy an actual car shampoo which is made for the job, costs barely much more and will do a much better job

    5. 5 Is the only decent advice in this list

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