[Update] – Federal and other province cars have to get re-registered in Punjab

Excise and Taxation Punjab

According to the recent updates regarding the news of car re-registration in Punjab by the Excise and Taxation Department, there is no action has been taken on the news as yet.

As reported earlier by a local media outlet, the news that the car owners must get a Punjab registered number plate in case of driving the car for more than 60 days in the province, is just in discussions and nothing final has been implemented.

Upon reaching one of the officials in Excise and Taxation Department – Punjab, we got to know that this might come in effect from the 1st of May 2018, however, there is no final action that has been taken in this regard. He further told that the drivers carrying a different province number plate may be issued a smart card as a verification, however, nothing is confirmed yet.

Moreover, the reasons mentioned by the Additional DG Mr. Masood Ul-Haq were debatable by many people, as the drivers’ database should be linked and every province Police should have access to the data.

Previously, it was reported that the Excise and Taxation Department, Punjab has announced to make car registration compulsory for the ones driving cars with Federal, Sindh, Balochistan and KPK number plates for over 60 days period in Punjab.

According to the Additional DG Excise and Taxation, Punjab, Mr. Chaudhry Masood Ul-Haq, the car owners carrying number plate of Federal or any other province have to get their vehicles re-registered with Punjab’s number plate if their driving period exceeds from 60 days in the province.

“Mostly, everyone has observed that there are many cars having the number plate of other provinces, mostly Federal and Sindh number plate. These owners prefer to pay token tax in their own provinces, and don’t pay token tax in Punjab, which hurts Punjab’s economy and the other reason is that if that vehicle is involved in any kind of crime or violation then it gets difficult for the authorities to keep track of them as there is no record of that car in our database.” – Chaudhary Masood Ul-Haq.

However, they have not mentioned that how they will go about the procedure and any date when this will come into effect from. We will update the blog, once we get the details from the concerned department.

For now, stay tuned to PakWheels.com for latest updates.

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  1. as usual the stupidity kicked-in some ahad cheema like must have worked upon digits and shared the data with Prince, so the idea got hit.

    am visiting resident engineer from KPK over a project in small dam project near Sahiwal the whole fleet of machinery & vehicles are KPK registered, the project will end in 2020 so does that mean i need to RE-REGISTER my whole fleet in Ponjaab, MY FOOT this is new game of extortion from non-residents of Ponjaab

  2. The thing is this is useless and cant be implented
    Its just a move to generate revunue before the government ends something like this happens all the time...last time amnety schemes but this time they are doing small things but in large quantity to do this
    Dw it wont work so no need to fight...i am not re registering my car anywhere...hell i dont use original plates :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Yaar because you can't do it like that...you can't challenge Islamabad registration anywhere...it means you are challenging the state...there is no malicious registration anywhere....a registration is a registration...if the trust of people is so low on provincial government...that they avoid registrations from there...then it is the governments fault...not the peoples....balkay it is also the peoples as they bring these clowns to power and all of us have to deal with them....

  4. I see no harm at all. And ideally it should be strictly banned to register cars of other provinces in Islamabad. Why? Because there is a handful of staff for handful of ppl that live in Islamabad at ETO office. The genuine Islamabad registrations I am damn sure are max 2/10. The lines at ETO office are endless. One should rather must register in their own home town/province. Now racism on your thread :slight_smile: one because you brought in US and second you hurt their feelings by telling them where they actually talk from...:stuck_out_tongue:

  5. Another impractical move from the Punjab Excise Department. Previously they have been involved in charging token tax from random car owners of other province cars. (on the pretext that you have not paid token tax for the current year).

    Anything that can hurt the citizens and make money for the Punjab government is their first priority.
    I hope this stupid officer is dismissed before this proposal is implemented.

    People in Rawalpindi and Islamabad will be in trouble. One minute they are in Punjab and the next moment they are in Islamabad. :slight_smile:

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