Owner’s Review: Toyota Aqua Also Known As Toyota Prius C

Toyota Aqua also known as Toyota Prius C, is a full hybrid Gasoline-electric 5 door subcompact hatchback. This diva was introduced by Toyota in Tokyo motor show in 2011 and started its sale in 2012. Toyota Aqua has been declared as the most successful name plate launch in past 20 years. And it has been the topper of the sales leader board for about 4 years.

The letter “C” in the name Toyota Prius C stands for city. And the word “Aqua” has been taken from Latin and it means Water. So from the name makes it quite clear that what this car is all about.



Exterior Design:

When we talk about the design, it seems that Toyota wanted to get something as spacious and comfortable as Toyota Prius and at the same time compact for the city drive like Toyota Vitz or Yaris. And they have managed to get a perfect blend of both. When we look at the Exterior design of Toyota Aqua, it is just amazing and tells us Engineers at Toyota have seriously done a very good job. The length and width of the car is 157 inches and 67 inches respectively or in simpler words, you can say that its dimensions are somewhere between Prius and Vitz. Let me clarify one thing, if you are looking for a car that has as sharp look as Toyota Yaris, then Aqua should not be your choice. But if you want a car that carries all your stuff and looks good on road as well, then Aqua would never disappoint you. The only problem that I saw in the design was the low ground clearance, which means speed breakers will hurt like hell if you are not conscious.


Interior Design:

Just like any other Japanese car, the interior of Toyota Aqua is just stunning. The blend of Prius and Vitz can be clearly seen in the interior. The innovative gear design just makes it more amazing and gives a signature look to car’s interior. The build quality of the plastic in the interior is really up to the mark; it does not feel like cheap plastic, which in my opinion, is the case with Vitz. The car’s interior comes in 2 color contrast, which just makes it more amazing. The seats of this car are really comfortable and hold the passengers quite well. The car is really spacious and can carry a lot of stuff, even with five adults sitting in it. The leg room is really nice for all passengers and the trunk size is just up to the mark. If in future models.



Toyota Aqua is powered with Toyota’s third generation hybrid synergy drive coupled with a 1.5-liter DOHC with four cylinders, which together can provide around 99hp. This assures a really gentle and powerful drive. Like Prius, the car is amazingly quiet and a person can hardly know if the engine is on. Even when driving, the car will give you a very peaceful drive with a good power at the same time. But if you are going to bust the paddle like a moron, you are an exceptional case. This car was made for providing a good drive in the city but even if you enter a bumpy or uncomfortable road, you will have a gentle drive; thanks to the amazing suspension employed by Toyota.

Fuel Efficiency:

Now coming towards the biggest attraction of Toyota Aqua i.e. the fuel efficiency. This diva can give you as high as 30km/ltr in city drive; thanks to the hybrid technology. Yes folks it’s true. This average falls to 26 km/ltr when you use air conditioner. And it would not be wrong to say that this is the most fuel efficient car available in our country right now. This car will really cut your fuel cost and you will love that won’t you?

Overall Experience:

My experience with Toyota Aqua has been really amazing. I moved from Toyota Vitz to Toyota Aqua about three months back. At first I thought that it is not a good decision, because it costed me around 16.5 lacs and I could have gone for any sedan. But after using it for around three months, I am really in love with my car. The car has amazing features like Push start, Airbags, ABS brakes, catchy speedometer, media screen etc. This car is also blessed with front heated seats. But the things I am really enjoying, are the large space and fuel efficiency. My Vitz used to give me around 14 km/ltr in city and I thought it was a gentle number but after owning Aqua I’m simply amazed by the fuel efficiency. This car gives me around 26 to 28 km/ltr easily in the city and I am just loving it, as it saves me a large amount of money. The only thing that I feel bad about this car is less ground clearance, which hurts me when I drive it accidently over a nasty speed breaker. Otherwise I would say that this is an amazing vehicle and a one-time investment, as it will save fuel worth a large amount of money. If you live in a gentle city like Lahore or Karachi, where we are blessed with these hectic traffic jams, I would say this vehicle is the best you can get in every sense.


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  • Guest

    Either it is 26 kmpl, or it is 28.

    It cannot be this to that.

    How many litres of fuel have you bought by now? Why not divide all the km by all the litres put into the car and then come up with a real value with hard facts to back it up?

  • Alpha Bravo

    Nice review but with some exaggerations

  • Basim

    I own this too!
    But petrol avg is not whats quoted above its too much exaggerated!
    While buying i was clearly given that its maximum is 26km/l and that on highways not in city’s
    In city its 14 15 around nothing extra!
    A local sedan such an honda city is a better option as its maintainece cost is half the cost of Aqua with avalaibility of spare parts and much more and thay a 1.3 auto is worth 1.71m (auto)
    While its mannual version is much more cheaper.

  • saad

    its not owner review.
    can u give details of fuel filled during tests and how much consumption each refill? its a general wiki copy paste.

  • Dear Author, is this is a review or a general opinion? Exterior Design, interior design, performance, fuel efficiency, overall experience?

    A review would be a blend of opinion, hard facts and a comparison with similar vehicles in terms of the car’s primary attraction (i.e.; Honda Fit etc). You could revise the article if possible to include the following:

    1. Variants available.
    2. Spec sheet on your purchase
    3. Different modes and the fuel consumption in each mode (Power / Eco / EV)
    4. Spares availability and if the car can be serviced / maintained by Toyota Dealerships (Considering it’s an abbreviated Prius)
    5. Fuel averages in different scenarios (like with a single passenger / full 4 passengers / with passengers and baggage)
    6. Features like regenerative braking, performance (0-60, 0-100, 60-100) etc.

    BTW, we are sure it’s a fine, fuel sipping car as you say it is but a little less exaggeration, please. You make it sound as if the car needs only fumes to run.

  • Saad

    regarding your fuel economy concern
    bought aqua since oct 2015 with 50,000km on odo meter in ISLAMABAD
    with a medium paddle i was getting 22-23

    recently since august 2016 after getting oil changed and was more careful abt my paddle now i am easily getting 25-26 with full AC all the time in city

    Would suggest u mix high octane after every 3 to 4 tank fill up to avoid engine knocking

    especially when u fill up your tank after resetting your avg meter to zero, try to maximize your drive on hybrid battery till 100 to 150 km with a light foot this way u will have a efficient pattern and will achieve higher avg.. adopted this strategy since two months and i am vvvvvv happy with 25 to 26 kms avg

  • TrueThis

    Owner’s review still no real life pic of your car? why?

  • Ammar

    Because this review is just BS. The writer has not driven or heck, I doubt he’s even been inside the car. This is the level of quality I’ve come to expect from the ‘writers’ (I use that term extremely generously) at PakWheels.

  • Sultan Kiani

    Nice catch, may be he doesn’t have a nice DSLR but he could have used his smart phone. Anyway, actually Pakistani people don’t like to take pictures. The only time I see them clicking is either on weddings or parties etc.

  • Sultan Kiani

    Prius C/Aqua is one of the best hatchback cars in Pakistan. But as you mentioned the ground clearance issue, it sure is a big issue. They keep it lower to add stability and your car is less likely to be rolled over while taking sharp turns. But the downside is you can’t take it to remote areas with semi off-road conditions.

  • Guest

    And then they possibly use those “weddings” and “parties” photos for their personal pleasure of the pervert fantasizing.

  • Guest

    And you can’t use it in city areas with those potholes and speed breakers. I mean, car breakers.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience and tips. Would be helpful. I used to get a mileage of 22 but now It’s hardly at 15km/L. I’m going to try hi octane. BTW, what do you mean by “try to maximize your drive on hybrid battery till 100 to 150km”? Could you elaborate?

  • Saad

    in easy words
    when u fill up your tank and reset your odo meter try to keep your speed under 55 km/hr till the next 100kms to 150 kms

    Now i am getting an avg of 27. km/ liters

  • Malik Adeel 03215200956

    Dear concern,

    I want Aqua 2016, kindly guide me that Can I use Jumper for get it from ground clearance? and what is final price of Car? is it without registered?

  • Ahmad Saeed

    u should also get ur exhaust system check. in newer cars catalytic converter must be serviced every 100,000 k/m but since we dont know the real mileage you’ll get a feeling when a car starts requiring more power to move than u’ll know it needs service with “namak wala tehzab”.

  • Alpha Bravo

    “The car is really spacious and can carry a lot of stuff, even with five adults sitting in it. The leg room is really nice for all passengers and the trunk size is just up to the mark.”
    I totally disagree with this part of the article. Car is cramped from inside for the rear passengers with awful leg and headroom.

  • That ground clearances line kills me.