Toyota Revo Officially Launched by IMC in Pakistan

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After months and months of speculations, rumors and reveals; Indus Motor Company officially launched the new Toyota Hilux Revo yesterday in Karachi.

The company organised a launch event yesterday, in which the IMC (3S) dealership network was invited to the official announcement and launch ceremony for the arrival of this new Hilux Model in the Pakistani market.

Revo Teaser from IMC

It is also worth mentioning that the company shared a post on 26th September, 2016 on their official Facebook page, which hinted at the possible release of the new ‘Hilux Revo’ very soon.

An undisclosed source revealed that this new model is featuring a 3.0L Turbocharged 1KD-FTV engine. Apparently, the new model is receiving all around updates in its interior, exterior and the engine, which is good to see. The new Hilux Revo is expected to be displayed at the (IMC-3S) dealerships in the market in October-November of this year.

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Stay tuned for more details as we will be covering this vehicle in detail in the coming days.

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  1. Aneef Izhar says

    Interior seems miles better than Current Corolla.

  2. Tahir Usman says

    Bloody stupid of Indus to stick the older 1KD engine in it!!The Revo now has moved onto the 2GD from the 1GD engine it was launched with.Indus should be sued!!!!

  3. Sultan Kiani says

    You should sue them but you’re going to lose! 1KD has been phased out from EU, Australia and even from some Asian markets

  4. Sultan Kiani says

    As expected, they didn’t launch it with GD series. Even 1GD-FTV 112/125kW 2.4-litre is better than 1KD. engine. They are trying to fool their consumers by giving more “powerful” engine e.g 2.5 to 3.0 l

  5. Shabbir says

    Dear, GD diesel engines are of Euro4/5 emission ratings and require a lot refined diesel than pk available euro-2 diesel.

  6. Umair says

    I second Shabbir… Our diesel is not suitable for GD

  7. SHAHID KHAN says

    i want to see interior and exterior first……

  8. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Engine to barhai nahi pr price zarur barha deni hai.

  9. Sultan Kiani says

    May be your right but even this 1KD was introduced in 2000 when EU was following Euro-III emission standards.

  10. Badar Shehzad says

    You don’t need an undisclosed source to read the 3.0 D4D badge on the door.

  11. Skt_Z4 says

    Man!! These Companies only care about The Top Elite Class of country, First Honda with 3Million+ Civic & Now them! We don’t see Toyota Yaris in near future or any other mid range vehicle from any of the Local assemblers, & then they cry about that the government don’t give them any chance!
    City is still Old, Almost in all of the Asia City is Updated, But why don’t they give a darn other than Top Elite!!

    I wish someday they’ll learn to be a Real Caring automotive company, They can never change!!! I feel sorry for them!! Thumbs Down!!!

  12. Mmq says

    Wish to have hilux in Canada

  13. Fahad says

    They continue to make a fool out Of the population at large

    The world is going in a different direction, for this reason Hyundai and Kia have kicked Toyota and Honda where it hurts in most of the regions

    Introducing a pick up as a luxury vehicle in PAKISTAN says a lot about what these companies think about Pakistanis in general… such a disappointing

  14. Fahad says

    They sell what makes them money

    Look at Suzuki Mehran, we are still in 70s

  15. Zee says

    You can get a Toyota Tacoma in Canada.

  16. adnan says

    One day there will be a world without Toyota! Toyota shud be sued by consumer groups

  17. Sarosh says

    What is wrong with Imc seriously I am hurt. With everything right they do something wrong. Why not the 2.8 gd diesel engine. It is more powerful more refined. Better fuel economy. Much less cabin rattle.

  18. Sarosh says

    All this refine diesel required is crap. If they can launch the Face-lift cruiser with diesel engine then they could have launched the gd series engine. They will launch gd series but after some time. I wanted to buy this car but because of the engine I guess I will delay it. They are saving money by using some engine parts from the previous 2kd of vigo champ. Imc stop making us a fool and provide us with quality vehicles. The transmission is also going to be 5 speed where as the 2.8 has 6 speed auto transmission. I have a friend who bought the imported revo with gd engine and his pick up runs perfectly on Pakistani diesel. Why Imc whyyyyyyyyy.

  19. Sarosh says

    Omgggggg Imc forgot the push button Starttt. Ufffff seriously. Disappointment throughout.

  20. Muhammad Mansoor says

    Wow, Indus motor company launched the new Toyota hikux revo, must be crap and expensive.
    Pakwheels wasting their words and blog space by writing about something that could be done in just three lines, just as I did.

  21. Kashif says

    Both of these manufacturers (Toyota & Suzuki) are trying to make us fool. people have good awareness about vehicles now, therefore, it is highly desired that suz & toy change their behavior towards us and provide vehicles which meet international standards like imported cars.
    also government should take particular action against these dacoits………….

  22. MalikSaabi says

    Everyone please stop regurgitating “GD engine can’t run on Pakistani diesel”. You clearly haven’t noticed the imported diesel vehicles running in this country.

  23. Marcio says

    and u clearly haven’t noticed the low life of those vehicles

  24. MalikSaabi says

    Vehicles themselves are fine. Engines too. Those who purchase these neglect regular, periodic maintenance. Those who maintain the fuel system properly (eg. changing filters on time and using good quality engine lubricant) those vehicles are still running good.

  25. Khurram says

    That is because you have not kept the vehicle yourself and are just out heaping scorn on Toyota.

  26. Khurram says

    Really! It is the Toyota that changes auto industry dynamics in the 90s’. Just because you love a Honda, does not mean we all do.

  27. Khurramk says

    Which region have seen a Toyota being ousted by the South Korean companies. Perhaps in some Punjab’s village, where choudries want to appear different from the general public.

  28. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    you are right, though these vehicles require ULSD but still run good on the diesel available here. these were made notorious because the Toyota’s first d4-d engine of which equipped hilux were imported here had a design flaw related to its injectors position that was corrected in later iteration but our people once declare something “Phail Technalagy” never give it another chance.

  29. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    though these vehicles require ULSD but still run good on the diesel available here. these were made notorious because the Toyota’s first d4-d engine of which equipped hilux were imported here had a design flaw related to its injectors position that was corrected in later iterations but our people once declare something “Phail Technalagy” never give it another chance. That flaw affected engine’s worldwide but our dealers linked it to diesel available here.

  30. twister286 says

    So in Pakistan we get the 1KD engine when other markets like Thailand and Australia have moved to the newer 1GD-FTV 2.8L Turbo-diesel…

    Toyota treats us like a dumping ground for outdated stuff.

  31. Guest again says

    No automotive company and no transport company is real caring. Even if you look at the USA, which has set examples in pretty much everything and is the biggest market for automobiles, look at the resistance from the American automakers. How they resisted seat belt, how they resisted radial tyres, how they resisted fuel efficient smaller engines, how they refrained to act in the Ford Explorer Firestone fiasco. And look at the Japanese companies at what they did in USA, how they refrained from acting over the unintended acceleration issues, until the government pressurized them to do so.

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