Pak Suzuki AGS is All About Ease and Comfort

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Pak Suzuki becomes the first automobile company to introduce Auto Gear Shift transmission in 3 of its cars in Pakistan. Initially they introduced it with Suzuki Cultus VXL in 2017, later on All new Alto 660cc came with the AGS feature and now Wagon R VXL also comes with the AGS option. But introducing the technology wasn’t enough when the market was unaware of its functionality, there was little to no understanding of AGS in the Pakistani audience.

Keeping that in mind, let’s go over the basics to understand how AGS really works and get acquainted with the functionality of Auto Gear Shift transmission. AGS is basically a transmission that gives you the benefit of having Auto and Manual mode in one single transmission, essentially it is a manual transmission with an electric motor which acts like a clutch when the transmission shifts between gears.

How to Use Pak Suzuki AGS: 

The proper way of using this transmission is to lift your foot off the accelerator pedal between gears shifting just like you do in a manual transmission, this will shift gears without any jerk and make your drive smoother.

One of the major benefits of AGS technology is said to be the fuel efficiency, AGS consumes less fuel as compared to a conventional auto transmission. The actuator motor that comes with AGS is the main component that makes fuel efficiency possible.

AGS is best if you live in the city and have to face traffic jams on a daily basis, dual mode and fuel efficiency proves to be most beneficial there. Contrary to popular belief, Suzuki AGS is also known to be low maintenance. Many people think that auto transmission needs more work than a regular manual transmission in terms of maintenance which is infact the opposite of what actually happens, using AGS with the right technique will save you from frequent visits to the service center.

Pak Suzuki also provides the AGS variants with extra benefits and savings offers. The customer can save a great deal of money when opting for AGS variants of Suzuki WagonR and Suzuki Alto 660cc. Pak Suzuki offers 1 year free maintenance, free registration, special mark up and insurance rates which amounts up to PKR 198,466.

Pak Suzuki has collaborated with various banks to provide financial ease to its customers, for further information about these offerings, visit:

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