Pak-Suzuki upgrades the standard variants of Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift TVC

Pak-Suzuki dealers have confirmed that the standard variants of Suzuki Swift will be discontinued w.e.f June 10th, 2017. In a letter to its dealers, the company has highlighted the discontinuation of both (standard) variants of this car quite categorically. However, this discontinuation does not necessarily enunciate the end of Suzuki Swift in Pakistan. The company, maybe, has decided to only offer this car in two variants:

  • Suzuki Swift A/T NAV (Satellite Navigation) priced @ Rs 1,511,000 (Ex-factory)
  • Suzuki Swift DLX M/T (Satellite Navigation) priced @ Rs 1,375,000 (Ex-factory)

It should be noted that this discontinuation comes only days after the launch of the all-new Suzuki Cultus, which saw a substantial price increase. The car has a totally renewed interior, exterior & features as compared to those of its predecessor. Industry experts are claiming that the price point of newly launched Cultus (priced @ Rs 1,391,000 for VXL and Rs 1,250,000 for VXR variant) spelled trouble for the sales of Suzuki Swift as Cultus offers more value for money in terms of safety features. Thus it was only a matter of time before the company revised the prices of Suzuki Swift.


At the moment Pak-Suzuki’s product line-up consists of:

  • Suzuki Mehran
  • Suzuki WagonR
  • Suzuki Cultus
  • Suzuki Swift
  • Suzuki Ciaz
  • Suzuki Vitara
  • Suzuki Jimny
  • Suzuki Bolan
  • Suzuki Ravi


“Pak-Suzuki has always been the voice of economy class in Pakistan and deals primarily with the consumers who buy cars for necessity and not for recreation,” said Khizer Hayat Gondal, Federal Secretary for Industries & Production at the launch of Suzuki Cultus.

In the recent months, the company has already revised the prices of Suzuki WagonR and Suzuki Mehran, as mentioned in the previous posts on At this point, we can only wonder what this new discontinuation will have in store for consumers and the company, now that new investors are accelerating their plans to invest in the country.

Pak-Suzuki introduced the third generation Swift in 2010 with a M13A engine aimed to introduce a higher end hatchback in Pakistani auto market. Over the years Pak-Suzuki has managed to sell more than thirty-two thousand units of this car in Pakistan.  

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  1. Instead of launching new swift they are discontinuing the model and instead of selling celerio in reasonable price they are over charging it by at least 1 lac, suzuki is just manipulating market due to its monopoly.

  2. Suzuki isnt realizing the potential of modern Hatchbacks in Pakistan.Had they launched the new swift here priced 15 lac, I'm sure it would head on compete with Vitz.

  3. Still PS is living in old ages. They didn't actually visualize common people requirement in country only due to captive market and no competition from Toyota/Honda.

  4. Vitz bhi import ho rahi ha to suzuki walae Kyon new swift lsin

  5. I am sure, this article is written by pak suzuki. Cannot understand how cultus was creating problems for swift due to pricing, i think it was otherwise. I actually went to show room for buying cultus vxl but when i saw its price, i prefered swift dlx manual, which is bigger and better car at Rs 70000 less. I hurried up with the order as i knew they will eventually do something to discontinue dlx manual and voila, they did.

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