Pak Suzuki Increases Motorcycle Prices

Suzuki GD110S Pakistan  (14)

Pak Suzuki has increased the prices of the Suzuki bikes when Pakistan is enjoying a stronger Rupee against a weaker Japanese Yen and other currencies, all the while when other bike manufacturers such as Atlas Honda Limited has reduced the prices of its bikes by an average of 6,000 rupees.

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The increased prices had come into effect since 27th March, 2015 but when Dawn contacted Pak Suzuki official to provide a comment on the story, they didn’t get an accurate answer. And Pak Suzuki’s spokesperson said, “The prices have been raised to adjust the high cost of production,” he said, adding that the company imports parts and accessories from various countries and pays both in yen and dollar.

The new prices as circulated by Pak Suzuki amongst its dealers are: Raider is now for 101,400 rupees, up from 96,400, GS-150 is now for 128,500 rupees, up from 122,000 rupees, Sprinter ECO DEL’s new price is 88,400, up from 83,400 rupees, Hayabusa GSX1300 price is increased by 1 lac to 2.6 million rupees, Intruder VZ800 is also increased by 1 lac to 1.7 million rupees while Bandit GSF650SA was increased by 50,000 rupees to 1.550 million.

Moreover, Pak Suzuki is now selling 150 Inazuma bikes to the National Highway and Motorway Police for patrolling Pakistan’s highway. All of which were imported.

However, the statement from Chairman Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers, Mohammad Sabir Shaikh, just goes on to show how much the current lot of auto assemblers, or as we refer to them as ‘The Big Three’, control and influence policies and association. Mr. Sabir Shaikh said, “production cost of Pak Suzuki is higher than its competitors as the company has been active in introducing bikes with latest engines and high quality parts.”


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    Bit Off Topic… Any latest reports on Yamaha Launching their first model in May or July 2015??

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  • Sources say they are launching on May 6. Let’s see how authentic that news is.

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