Pak Suzuki increases the prices of its cars by up to PKR 90,000

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Pak Suzuki has increased the rates of its cars by up to 7% from January 2020.

As per our credible sources, the company has increased the price of Alto VXR by PKR 90,000 and that of Alto VXL AGS by PKR 80,000. There seems no justification as to why the company has increased the prices, however, get ready for the price hike. See the complete list below:

Suzuki Car Prices
Models New Price – PKR Previous Price – PKR Increase – PKR Percentage
Ravi 999,000 941,000 58,000 6.16%
Bolan 1,099,000 1,050,000 49,000 4.67%
Bolan Cargo 1,040,000 990,000 50,000 5.05%
Wagon R VXR 1,605,000 1,540,000 65,000 4.22%
Wagon R VXL 1,695,000 1,625,000 70,000 4.31%
Alto VXR 1,398,000 1,308,000 90,000 6.88%
Alto VXL AGS 1,598,000 1,518,000 80,000 5.27%
Swift DLX NAVI 1,995,000 1,905,000 90,000 4.72%
Swift AT NAVI 2,140,000 2,050,000 90,000 4.39%

This is not the first time the company has increased the prices of its vehicles. In 2019 alone the company raised the rates multiple times keeping in view the depreciation of rupee against the US Dollar and FED taxes imposed by the government.

Pak Suzuki is a major contributor to the overall car sales of the country due to its entry-level and mid-range cars. However, the discontinuation of its 30-year old Mehran raised several questions regarding the company’s future sales. The iconic model of Pak Suzuki held on to a large portion of the overall car sales of the company in the local market. The automaker immediately launched its 660 cc Alto as an alternative to Mehran, which didn’t disappoint at all. Ever since its launch, the company had sold more than 4000 units every month, apart from August 2019, when it sold 3435 units of Alto.

The overall sales of Pak Suzuki have decreased by 31.31% in November 2019 as compared to its corresponding period last year. Similarly, the first five months of FY 2019-20 have observed a decline of 30.06% in car sales of Pak Suzuki on year on year basis. Also, note here that the company has not yet observed any non-production days during this period, as in the case of other automakers in the local market.

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  1. Nay says

    Good news for new entrance, this will encourage them to launch their products soon.

  2. Tasleem Arif says

    They have looted enough so think about plundering now 😛

  3. [email protected] says

    Below is price tag of Suzuki Maruti I think its better in all respect but most interesting is price. Our Suzuki using Dalda ghee material price rocking sky . An irony

  4. rahman RX says

    is this joke?

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