Pak Suzuki Increases Prices of its Cars Amidst Plunging Profits

Pak Suzuki saw some incredible sales during the Punjab government’s taxi scheme. Both Ravi and Bolan were sold in thousands; all thanks to the Green Taxi Scheme. But this artificial sales’ boost ran out, and the scheme saw its eventual end. At the end of this project, we witnessed a decrease in the production of new -Suzuki- cars as well. Industry experts had predicted on multiple occasions that company’s sales figures would see a heavy impact. The overall profits of the company have fallen by astonishing 53% for the year of 2016. The dropping profits are being directly attributed to drastic low sales.

In the latest development, Pak-Suzuki Pak Suzuki has revised the price list of its cars and has increased the price on some of its vehicles. A recently surfaced missive -thanks to a PW Community Member for sharing it with us- has revealed the following new prices for the Pak-Suzuki cars:

  • WagonR VXR = PKR 1,054,000 (An Increase of 25,000 rupees)
  • WagonR VXL = PKR 1,094,000 (An Increase of 25,000 rupees)
  • Ciaz M/T = PKR 1,859,000 (An Increase of 160,000 rupees)
  • Ciaz A/T = PKR 1,999,000 (An Increase of 160,000 rupees)
  • Mehran VX = PKR 655,000 (An Increase of 5,000 rupees)
  • Mehran VXR = PKR 708,000 (An Increase of 5,000 rupees)
  • Mehran VX CNG = PKR 725,000 (An Increase of 5,000 rupees)
  • Mehran VXR CNG = PKR 778,000 (An Increase of 5,000 rupees)
  • Ravi VX = PKR 672,000 (An Increase of 1,000 rupees)
  • Bolan VX = PKR 730,000 (An Increase of 5,000 rupees)

These prices will be in effect from 1st April 2017.


It is not clear whether the new price hike has something to do with falling profits or increasing production costs due to specific requirements dictated by the implementation of the new auto-policy, but one thing is for sure; the increment in vehicle prices’ is certainly not good news for Pakistani auto consumer.


Notable Replies

  1. Now expect Indus and atlas to also increase price .

  2. Suzuki cant be serious with the price of Ciaz.Really suzuki? 20 lac for what?
    No way its too much Corolla Altis would be a much much better option or even GLi for that matter.

  3. Indus aur atlas walae bhi prices jald hi barha rahae ha :joy: .

  4. Ciaz was already priced higher now its a sinking ship

  5. In order to facilitate our customers orders before 31st March would be entertained on previous pricing"

    My foot. In ka baap bhe ziada pese nae lesakta according to law.

    Price hike is due to the increasing YEN not decreasing profits. Havnt you guys seen people asking 16 lacks for a Vitz?

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