Pak Suzuki Offers Lucrative Deals in Collaboration with Bank of Punjab

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If you’re not familiar with the Auto Gear Shift (AGS) technology, then this article will be beneficial for you. AGS technology by Pak Suzuki is the epitome of convenience in a car; it gives the user the power of choice by being able to shift the transmission whenever they feel convenient.

The technology, in essence, is a manual transmission with the functions of auto transmission. Here’s how; it uses a shift control actuator which is operated by the transmission ECU for automatic clutch operation and shifting between gears. This action is what makes AGS seamlessly comfortable in comparison to manual drive, but it doesn’t completely disregard it.

Pak Suzuki has introduced AGS technology in Pakistan . The first car to acquire this transmission was Suzuki Cultus, but with time the company installed this feature in Suzuki WagonR and the all-new Alto 660cc. After the prominent dual-mode feature, this technology has another star feature, fuel efficiency. Because the gear ratio change is achieved at an optimal shift point, it gives better mileage than manual transmissions. On the plus side, it is also low maintenance.

Suzuki also offers great financing deals in collaboration with Bank of Punjab. Purchase any Suzuki vehicle before the end of 2020; you can save a big amount of up to PKR 223,955 by giving free registration, free one-year maintenance, special mark-up and insurance rates. Be sure to choose wisely before time runs out!

The financing offer is valid on WagonR, Alto 660cc, Ravi & Bolan.

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