Pak Suzuki Raises Prices Of Its Motorcycles And Wagon R


Normally, PakWheels is associated with developing and shifting of views on all things automotive for everyone except Pak Suzuki because they do that themselves. Pak Suzuki is becoming the most hated car company ever. If there were competition in the small cars segment, they would’ve gone bust already due to the negative PR they have in Pakistan unless they managed a massive transformation.

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Previously it was the threats made by Pak Suzuki to leave Pakistan, and now, they have raised the prices of locally produced motorcycles by an average PKR 5,000 since Friday. They have also raised the price of Suzuki Wagon R 2015 by 10,000 as well. The circular issued to all the dealers in this reference did not identify the reason for an increase.

You can check the new prices of all Suzuki bikes, as well as other bikes on PakWheels Bikes Pricelist page. For the cars, go to Suzuki Cars’ Pricelist page.

Indus Motors had recently increased its car prices; the new car prices are effective from 1st May 2016, but that increase wasn’t due to weak Pakistan rupee against Japanese yen or other economic factors rather, Indus Motors introduced a host of much-awaited features in their cars.

Meanwhile in the Czech Republic, a new edition of Suzuki Swift was launched. A country where the latest Swift is already available in five variants: GL, GL/AC, GL/AC 4×4, GLX, Sport and the recently introduced Special Edition based on the GL/AC grade.

Mechanically, the Swift remains the same with the Special Edition getting 16-inch black wheels, roof spoiler, and the signature orange color but there are size more metallic colors that the buyer can choose from. Rest of the following stuff remains standard: foglights, LED daytime running lights, power windows and mirrors, remote central locking, cruise control, audio system supporting CD/MP3/USB and Bluetooth connectivity, parking sensors and heated front seats. Further, the safety features include ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and seven airbags.


  • Abdullah

    Renault please come and launch KWID in Pakistan… sick and tired of bull shit Pak Suzuki (Suzuki Japan is not bad) and the thing that annoys me the MOST is that Punjab Govt gave contract of Cars to them for Taxi scheme……

  • Naeem

    WHO wants to buy your JUNK motorcycles and Cars in Pakistan Pak Suzuki???????? i think Pak Suzuki should charge 1 Million rupees for each motorcycle and 2 Million for feature less Wagon R so that u can make up for the losses……….

  • Junaid

    The buffoons at PakSuzuki are thriving on the fact that in Pakistan everything sells and car consumers are simply idiots who buy only on the condition of resale value. We as Pakistani consumers do not have unity. The monopoly can be simply eliminated by boycotting PakSuzuki Products. However we Pakistanis cannot do it unless we have awareness of safety, consumer rights and value for money.

  • Raja Habib

    i was willing to buy Wagon R vxl , but now finally purchased FAW V2 , for the same price of Wagon R, my Faw v2 is fully loaded, 3 years of warranty , air bags , ABS , all power windows and big thing is its shape and space is bigger than wagon R vxl , plus 1297 cc ….. I am happy with my Faw v2.. RS 1049000/=

  • Muhammad Yasir

    do i smell some … EPIC BURN 😀 ?

  • Abdullah

    Good Purchase…..Mubarak hoo…..wise decision

  • Naeem

    What is avg mileage of V2??????

  • Abdur Razak

    They should have given contract to FAW……

  • Grammar

    “but there are size more metallic colors”

    Maybe wanted to write “but there are some more metallic colors”.

  • Guest

    There are no examples from anywhere in the world of “monopoly being simply eliminated by unity of customers”.

    Boycott is popular in Pakistan. But it is not sustainable. Every few days, Pakistani public boycotts “the amreeca aur yahoodion ki masnoaat” but then start buying again as there are no other viable choices.

    If people boycott Paksuzuki products, what would they buy? Walk everywhere? Donkey cart? Ride horses? For how long would people boycott? Paksuzuki is an established company and could easily weather the storm but then as people’s needs pile-up, so will the orders once the boycott is weaker, and Paksuzuki will easily raise their prices.

    Consumer awareness is useless without powerful governmental regulation. In fact consumers are unaware of everything everywhere. Powerful government regulation is the source of every sustainable measure (whether good or bad). However in Pakistan there is a history of weak governments serving personal interests of a few people. If a government begins to be too strong then the army topples it over.

  • News

    Government offices are also tired of the pathetic performance, frequent downtime and random breakdowns of Suzuki Bolan.

    Many government agencies wanted to give contract to FAW for purchase of vehicles. But there is a “bhair-chaal” of bying Suzuki, they dared not give the contract to FAW, as in the audit there can be an objection, “everyone is buying Suzuki, why did you buy FAW”?
    Another point: the owners of (local venture of) FAW come from a minority ethnicity and thus cannot exert the influence that the established players can, because they have less “talluqaat”.

    P.S: Source of information will only be divulged in court of law.

  • Imran Baloch

    mubarak ho. experience share kran v2 ka. so that others may get benefit

  • Imran Baloch

    agreed. we have very limited choice. we always blame suzuki, but other established brands – toyota n honda – couldnt offer us small cars in the price of mehran n cultus

  • Ghayyour

    Minor ethnicity? I do not think so? they are afridis?

  • Shahmir

    @pakwheels Please tell your web team to give a STOP button to this stupid carousel slider can’t even read comments properly.

  • Shahmir

    Bought V2 6 months back. Still working fine. No issues. Good decision sir.

  • dummy

    when you hover your mouse on it .. it stops. But yes I agree its not a good mechanism as it wont work for mobile touch device users

  • dummy

    good choice brother .. *thumbs up* you made the right choice. Allah mubarak karay aur barkat dalay

  • Engineer Saqib

    Using this car for 8 Months….FAW V2 is giving average of 17 km/ liter on Motorways , 15 on City roads , and 13 in heavy traffic with AC . Car is much much better than Cultus and Wagon R . Its interior is Normal like Mehran , But Highly insulated. AC works too good. Suspension is better than Pakistani Cars . Steering is much soft , brakes are ABS+EBD But stiff…Leg room is more than swift , cultus and wagon R . … If want to buy a car under 11 lacs, and donot want to buy used car, then This is a best option… Plus point, it has warranty of 3 years… It means nothing on your pocket. FAW V2 is basically Toyota Vitz 2004 model platform but improved , having drive similar to that… Imagine like you are driving a ZERO METER 1300 cc vitz .

  • Fahad Ali Bhatti

    What is FAW ? a brother has shared a pictures , yes it is True… So VOLKSWAGON , MAZDA ,and General Motors have already came in our market in the name of FAW…….

  • Raja Habib

    Giving it marks 9/10…….. BEST AC , BEST PICK , BEST GRIP , BEST STEERING , NORMAL BRAKES, NORMAL INTERIOR, BEST SHAPE , BEST PRICE , Fully loaded Jahaz of 1300 cc… Just like JF -17 THunder made in China vs F-16 made in USA ….

  • Raja Habib

    13 to 17 km/ liter.. Same as of Honda City….

  • Abdullah

    FAW has joint ventures in China with Volkswagen and GM …….FAW is already present in Pakistan and it should also start producing GM and VW cars in Pakistan after getting license from them……

  • Sheikh Zeeshan

    Jab Sarfraz Dhoka nahi deta………… Iss ka matlab hai choro Wagon R ko…… O bhai , Sarfraz nay V2 lay li……. Mein bhi bohat jald buy karu ga…

  • Salman ahmed

    Chinese ka pooranae tactic ha paisa deye kar apni gari ki publicity karwaoe . Swift a lot better then v2

  • Asif Iqbal

    I have pakistani wagonR 2015 model. Truely speaking i am very sad to buy this car. Pakistani wagonR is just bullshit. Japanese wagonR is best…