Pak-Suzuki Reveals its Plan to Install Another Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan

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The Managing Director of Pak Suzuki Motors Hirofumi Nagao called on the Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar here on Thursday. Sources have revealed that during the meeting the MD discussed his company’s plan for future investment in Pakistan. Apparently, the MD of Pak-Suzuki has remarked that the corporation is ready to invest $460 million in Pakistan to expand its base of operations and install another manufacturing plant in Pakistan. It is being estimated that once the legalities of this decision are complete, the new project will be completed within a 2-3 year timeframe and the production at this plant might start by the end of 2018.

In the latest development, the Finance Minister has asked the Managing Director of Pak-Suzuki to submit a complete plan with all the details to process the request in accordance with prescribed codal formalities/ rules and procedures. Furthermore, the Minister remarked that Pakistan had been ranked 2nd choicest place for investment in the world by Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO). This turnaround is all a result of Pakistan’s improving economy, macroeconomic stability, and energy infrastructure and security situation; stated Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar.

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  1. windie says

    What? not running off to Iran? Clowns

  2. Danial Khan says

    Pak suzuki is a liar company and sale trash in pakistan

  3. Ehs says

    It is better if Paksuzuki doesn’t install a new plant instead a new assembler should come and start production. These are cheap tactics to gain incentives from government.

    Paksuzuki’s market share needs to be reduced because they are selling globally retired vehicles here – Mehran, Bolan, Ravi, Cultus and Swift (2nd gen) all remain in production in Pakistan only.

    Government should prioritize consumer welfare and automotive security not Paksuzuki.

  4. Salman Ahmed says

    Agreed . I will never buy suzuki junk ever

  5. Waleed Ahmed says

    Do I remember it right that P.S. Threatened not to invest further & move it to Iran?

    Naahh, We can’t be soo lucky that P.S. will think of that & let any other Co. enter to grab their share, it was just a Bluff, as we all expected, they can’t even think of leaving idiots living among us who would buy suzuki no matter how junky its quality is!!

    Long Live the Cartel

  6. Osman73 says

    Allahumma inni auzubika minal suzuki saiyyara al kabara

  7. Arshad Hussain says

    PSMCL the compny gives us ride better than ambassador cars (India).The bussiness of PSMCL cosist of more than 390 vendor idustry & & Karachi Auto market established on Suzuki.

  8. Guest says

    Ambassador is 1958 model (source: Wikipedia) while PakSuzuki’s main offerings (Mehran, Bolan, Ravi, Cultus) are from the 1970s and 80s models, which are many decades newer than 1958!

    You are right in a sense because PakSuzuki’s offering belong to stone age, whereas Ambassador comes from pre-historic times.

  9. Guest says

    The title image is of an Indian plant? Because this model of Swift is not under manufacture in Pakistan.

  10. TheUndertaker says

    Judging from the skin color of workers, it probably is.

  11. Kashif Akbar says

    Either if PS read all comments about them here and do not take it seriously OR they do notice the feedback and still continue to offer the junkyard modals, its a shame. A company called suzuki that performs so well in rest of the world, keep us dealing like we live in Mars or Moon and dont know what they do else where. SHAME,SHAME SHAME , PAKSUZUKI.

  12. Wajahat Shafi says

    Suzuki earning huge money but giving 3rdd class cars

  13. asif says

    Oh why are you guys even comparing India and Pakistan. First of all Paksuzuki is fully owned by its Japanese parent and repatriates all profits to Japan. Nothing is designed by Paksuzuki, there is no R&D and they source designs of obsolete Japanese models and assemble on those. Secondly, India has far more variety and quality in vehicles. Most of their vehicles are modern vehicles. Pakistan has only one assembler in small car category they have several.

    Thirdly, Indian vendor industry is far, more advanced. They produce new vehicles with 60% plus localization at launch whereas Paksuzuki took 25 years for to reach 70% localization in Mehran. India has capacity for development of engines, fuel systems, transmissions, and complex components while Pakistan does not.

    First step towards improving is realizing your own weakness,,,this India vs Pakistan useless comparison has to stop.

  14. Guest again says

    Totally agreed that Pakistan should have its own life and not try to compete with, compare with or oust India. India has 6 times the area plus 6 times the population, which means the whole market scenario is different.

    My self also amazed how come someone would want to mention Ambassador in the comments of this article. So random!
    But yet since the comment was there therefore some (technical) discussion was necessary.

    About your R&D point: Some R&D is done by PakSuzuki. Like the factory fitted CNG kits, Suzuki of Japan provided no help with it and it was a local alteration by PakSuzuki. Another example is that Swift when it was launched (2010), it came with many features (which is called power pack in our local language), but it was very expensive, therefore it was simplified by the R&D team at PakSuzuki, features such as rain-sensing wipers, etc. were removed and simple system (swtich-actuated, the conventional system), was developed for local manufacture. In other words, R&D was not done to improve on the technical aspect, but it was done to offer conventional features instead of advanced features – a step backward or half-a-step forward, depending on how you perceive it.

  15. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Though you’re right about PakSuzuki about the one step backward. half-a-step forward thing, the same applies for Maruti Suzuki as well. They would remove those features or add it only in the top end model.
    Not to forget, all cars of Maruti Suzuki crumbles like a coke-can!
    Take a look at the pictures of Baleno below.

  16. asif says

    They actually based the Paksuzuki Swift in 2010 on the base model Japanese swift with 5 speed MT that launched in Japan in late 2004. Suzuki Swift XG it was called.
    Japan and Europe already had a base model swift without rain sensing wipers and power pack type features u mentioned etc…hence a the simplest model already existed in Japan and Europe (although even base model had airbags which were removed in PK version).
    I would not call this R&D though. Removing features is very easy.

    As for CNG-Kits – again it is a very simple task and even a good mechanic can perform it (although not to same level of quality as factory fitted). So comparing to the global industry it does not classify as R&D worth mentioning.

    Maruti at least does offer features in top of the line model. Even the top of the Line 15 lakh swift in PK does not offer a single airbag which is depressing.

  17. Suzuki Khitara says

    What about statement form Suzuki representative that “Govt. should give same benefits as offered to new entrants or people should stop dreaming about new models”? All they needed was a reality check, Just few MOU’s and foreign companies announcement to enter in Pakistani market and here they are… on their heels, investing, launching new models.

  18. Suzuki Khitara says

    People should only lean on suzuki for a year. Once Renault, Nissan and Kia enters Pakistani market WE ALL SHOULD STOP BUYING SUZUKI. Let them know their worth and hatred that they earned among people in decades by giving us cars like mehran, khyber and cultus.

  19. Junaid says

    Well I do not believe them. Unless its on ground and working, never trust the Pakistani auto mafia.

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