Pak Suzuki reveals plans to launch new 1,000 cc car this year

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Pak Suzuki had to shut down production of Alto after Japan stopped producing parts for that particular model of Alto and ordered Pak Suzuki to instead get them from India but we couldn’t. As there was no trade agreement in place which Pak Suzuki was optimistic for as there is an expanding hole left by Alto in the market which Suzuki needs to fills before anyone does.

As quiet and secretive local automotive industry is regarding new products, we have not heard a single thing about which car is it going to be, but we’re also not going to make wild guesses.

While talking to Bloomberg, CFO of Pak Suzuki, Abdul Hamid Bhombal said that they plan on introducing a 1000cc car to compete with used and imported cars such as Vitz.

Given the massive portfolio Suzuki has in the world, its hard to make a guess but we do know Pak Suzuki has been looking to introduce a model in place of Alto.

Meanwhile, Maruti Suzuki’s pot of gold has been growing quite quickly and today, Maruti Suzuki has 7,000 crores in cash reserves, and due to the sheer size of these reserves and lack (cost) of production in Japan, parts or assembly, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. will now lead and invest in all future assembly facilities in various parts of the globe for its parent.

R C Bhargava, chairman of MSIL, said: “As and when we expand global footprint and decide to set up assembly operations overseas, the investments would be made by the Indian subsidiary. Vehicles would continue to sell under the Suzuki brand, as it is well-known in most markets.”

SMC has major manufacturing operations for passenger cars in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, China, Thailand and Hungary. It also holds 56.2 per cent stake in the Indian venture.

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  1. Akbar Mustehsan says

    That'll either be a new-shape Alto or Wagon R.

  2. Hassan Z.Agha says

    Local Version of Wagon R.

  3. Kamran Khan says

    guud man.looks like I better sell my old shape alto.

  4. Taruq Hafeez says

    we are waiting new suzuki 1000 cc model, Pak suzuki keep in mind that major pakistani did not like used import vehicle. they prefer local manufactured vehicle as compare to used imported vehicle. wiating new model ………………………

  5. Awai'x Bhatti says

    Pathetic Suzuki Crap

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