Pakistani Taxi Driver Returns £10,000 Cash A Passenger Left In His Cab

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More often than not we have heard people calling Muslims, particularly Pakistanis, terrorists, dishonest and what not. They label us for the things committed by a bunch of lunatics and do not look at the bigger picture. Despite all those false accusations and derogatory labels, we prove them wrong because the values our culture has embedded in our lives are far more stronger than a few name callings can shatter.

Here’s a story about a UK based 55 year old Pakistani taxi driver who proved the Westerners wrong once again. Mohammad Nisar was driving Adrian Quinn to Walsall train station. Upon arriving the destination Quinn got out of the cab in haste and left his rucksack full of cash behind. Quinn’s rucksack had  £10,000, which he had recently withdrawn. After realizing that he had left the money in the back of the cab, Quinn got worried and sick. The money meant a lot to Quinn, who is a small time sole trader and only got this money in inheritance following the death of his mother. Losing the money could mean the end of his business. He thought the money was gone and didn’t know what to do. In panic, Quinn hailed another cab and instructed the cabby to take him to the taxi stand, hoping to get his money back.

Lucky for Quinn, the cab he left his rucksack in belonged to an honest Pakistani, who was waiting for Quinn with the bag in his passenger seat. Upon finding the cabby with his bag, Quinn was surprised and emotional at the same time. He gave a cash reward to Nisar in an envelope marked: “To my best friend in the world” and even invited Nisar to his home for dinner.

Muhammad Nisar, who is a veteran taxi driver, mentioned that it is not the first time he has found things in the back of his car. In his line of business, it is pretty normal for passengers to forget things and packages in the cab. He once found a wallet with £150 in it and drove back to the man’s house who left it to return the wallet.

Nisar urges other taxi drivers to do the same if they find any thing because according to him: “honesty is the best policy”. He said, he would have gone to the police if no one had have come for the bag after 24 hours.

Nisar has proved that by being honest and truthful we can break the stereotypes created against us. Do you know of any other inspiring stories like this? Tell us in the comments.

via Mail Online

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  1. Khan says

    The honest Pakistanis are unfortunately forced out of their motherland.

  2. usman says

    Good job, thumbs up….

  3. Shahid Mehmood says

    not agreed u can see many around if u want to see. I read it in Daewoo monthly magazine, that a daewoo sweeper found a wallet of Rs. 80,000 and returned to management and then management called the passenger of the seat from where the wallet was found and returned to him.

  4. Common Man says

    i lost was wallet,containing my CNIC and 30k.. about a month ago in Karachi. Nobody even tried to post me my CNIC.

    I have visited jail in the case of attempt to rape,guess what,I haven’t seen the girl. That happened because my tenant was Lawyer and I asked him for rent.

    Was hit by a insane driver,after that he yelled at me, my fault was i pressed brake on bump. Still he wanted to beat me and he again hit my parked bike before leaving the scene.Everyone in crowd was like,jane do yar wo family k sath hai.. at-least i didn’t find any Muslim/Pakistani/human in that city.

    I’m in Australia now..phewww

  5. Max Central says

    I did it once. I was traveling from Pakistan to Denmark (April 2010) for training. Flight landed for 15-30 mins at Norway (Oslo). I went to the washroom and found a brand new Rolex watch. More than half of the passengers left the plane for Norway. I took the watch and gave it to the Air Hostress in presence of the Captain. Captain look at the Air Hostress with little anger like he was saying to her “Why didn’t you find it first”. I came back to my seat and started waiting for the announcement. After 15 mins just before departure, Air Hostress announced that their staff found the watch in the bathroom and if someone lost any please contact us :). After second announcement a person sitting at the back, probably sleeping went to her and took his watch back.

  6. shahid says

    Laweyrs have become SCOUNDRLES in this land of pure.I know many who do bad practices.
    Some drivers who hit from behind are simplu LUNATICS thats all i can say.

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