Pakistan’s only Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

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Pakistan has always had a decent number of vintage and classic vehicles ever since partition. But slowly and gradually, rare and exotic classics were unfortunately exported out of the country.

But, not to be depressed. There still lies an original 1963 Ferrari 250 GT in Pakistan. Originally owned by Mr Anwar Zehri, the vehicle has ever seen any VCCCP/auto show. It is parked at their home locally known as Zehri House all the time. There were rumors about the vehicle having family disputes but that isn’t for sure.

The prancing horse did go through a restoration phrase a couple of decades back, both Mr Anwar Zehri and his younger brother partnered up and took this restoration job. The car was initially planned to go abroad for a full-fledged restoration but they then decided it could be done in their very own backyard, so the plan to send it off was cancelled (talk about having guts!). The restoration job took only about nine months but arranging the parts for the vehicle took them around four years.

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It got new windows, engine parts including pistons and rings, new exterior/interior trims etc. The car was finally complete. Even the registration number at that time was a special one, F-250 (F for Ferrari and 250 meaning the model).

Everyone wants to know what’s the car worth? Well interesting fact, a similar model a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Lusso made for Sir Stirling Moss was sold for $35,000,000 million dollars last year. Yup, that’s right 35 million!

Ever since the restoration project completed, the prancing horse was hardly ever seen. It’s been around more than two decades and their is still no news on whether if it’s for sale or if it’s been exported.

A classic like this should be kept in the country with the utter most care, love and affection.



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  1. Tahir Usman says

    I know Anwar, did not know hes got a Ferrari!

  2. Zeeshan Khan says

    the 35million dollar news is absolute rubbish, there is no authentic source to verify this news, and since 35m would make it the world most expensive car there should be awful lot of links, the ferrari 250 gt lusso 1962 owned by the legendary actor Steve Mcqueen sold for 2.3m US dollars and that's ridiculous, this car belongs to no famous person and never has, this car is in awful condition and Pakistan mechanics restoration does not count as restoration, it will be full restoration either in the U.S.A or europe, after that it could fetch 300k or 400k dollars at most, in this condition it cannot get more than 150k – 200k, I have seen some amazing cars absolute stunning restoration work done, go for less than $300k, this man sure has a car over 1 crore rupees but he currently does not have a car worth 3 arab and 50 crore. do not get his hopes up and sorry to rain on your parade but I know what I'm talking about.

  3. Mansoor Qadir Siddiqui says

    35 million dollars…What a price for an antique.

  4. Nurlan Irkenivich says

    fuck u zeeshann khan your mother is prostitute hira mandi ki randi behanchhod kay bachay.

  5. Najeeb Shah says

    and you are an moron

  6. Shahab Nasir says

    You kidding me! unbelievable

  7. Shahab Nasir says

    Just to clarify, This is a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso and not its sister, the rarest 250 GTO. Lusso was the last version of the ever popular Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta series. And yes it is crazy that someone in this country even owns one. I am just so proud of you Mr. Zehri. I'm all willing to pay a 10k if you just let me sit in it for a while.

    This beauty if restored to its 100% form can get half a million $ easy.

    And Yes one of the 250 GTOs was actually sold for 35 million dollars! marking it the worlds most expensive car ever sold. It is because of their rarity and extraordinary name and success that it brought to Ferrari. only 39 250 GTOs were ever built and has been placed on top of best sports cars ever made by plenty of magazines, critics etc. the only competition it ever saw in terms of greatest cars ever built, would probably be from a jaguar E-type but that too falls no where near this machine in terms of collectibility, performance and rarity.

    For all those who are unable to understand why this car wud be this expensive, just have no clue of wat a ferrari heritage is about. I'll suggest read up, do some research. Just for your info, In May 2012 the 1962 250 GTO made for Stirling Moss became the world's most expensive car, selling in a private transaction for $35 million to communications magnate Craig McCaw, source wikipedia.

  8. Shahab Nasir says

    i do agree with you in terms that this car is not worth 35 million, but only because this aint a 250 GTO! i would die just to get to see one, a 250 GTO is actually that rare and magnificent!

    but even this 250 GT Lusso – you are under estimating terribly.

  9. Pakistani Modified Cars says

    @zeeshan : It is clearly mentioned that the one that sold for $35m was specially made for a famous F1 driver stirling moss. And it IS the most expensive car in the world. Look at this link :

    you are clearly jealous.

  10. Ahmad Saeed says

    Can you prove what you have written? There are couple of sources authenticating whats written above.

  11. Akif Ikram says

    according to the blog its sells 35M, but there is no evidence on any book or web its sold in 35M. if u guys know send the ref.

  12. Joseba says
  13. Joseba says

    It probably looked more like this in the original color.

    With a race history, sold for $575,000 in 2006.

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