Pakwheels Auto Show 2013 – Karachi


Every year, us Pakwheelers have an auto show in each of the major cities across Pakistan. This September, it’s Karachi’s turn! It would be the first ever Pakwheels Auto Show in Karachi. Get ready to see some really awesome vehicles from different categories.

Pakwheels Auto Show 2013 Karachi -1249720

Date: Sunday, 15th September, 2013

Venue: Port Grand, Native Jetty Bridge, Karachi

Time: 11AM-7PM

Entry: Free of charge, open invite to everyone

Groups invited:

– VCCCP (Vintage Classic Car Club of Pakistan)
– VWCOP (Volkswagen Club of Pakistan)
– RX-8 Club – Karachi

Categories of vehicles as follows:

– Classic/Vintage
– Sports cars/exotics
– Luxury/exotics
– SUV’s/4X4’s/pick-up’s
– Bikes/ATV/trikes
– Project cars/concepts/modified*

If your ride fits any one of the categories, registered your ride for the show by filling out the registration form with details of your vehicle along with your contact information in the following link:

Here is some information and some rules, which one will have to follow at the show:

1. The Pakwheels management, organizers and members will not be responsible in case of any unfortunate event.

2. Rights of admission is reserved.

3. As it is a family event, stunts/burnouts are strictly prohibited.

4. Spectators are not allowed to sit in participants vehicles.

5. Participants are required to park their vehicles at the assigned location(s).

For further questions/information on the show kindly contact the given numbers:

– Ali (@murtaza_murti), 0345-3339515

– Nasir (@NashTrooper), 0300-2948829

– Haris (@lazeez), 0332-2157051

Looking forward to see it becoming a successful event!