PakWheels Exclusive: Revealing The Face Lifted Toyota Corolla Altis Grande 2018


The 11th Generation Toyota Corolla has been out on the market for nearly 3 years now, and it has been doing fairly well for its time on the market. During this period Toyota has managed to shift over 100,000 units of the Corolla after all the Corolla is the most popular car within Pakistan. However, competition has started to heat up in the segment now as new automakers are about to set up shops in the industry, and Honda’s feature rich Civic X has been stealing some of the crowd from Toyota’s higher end Corolla variant the Altis Grande. During 2015-16 Honda sold a total of 25,726 , this includes sales of both Honda City and the Honda Civic, meanwhile, Toyota sold 57,452 Toyota Corolla units during that same period. In order to ascertain its market position, Toyota Indus is planning to introduce the newly facelifted 11th generation Corolla with some cosmetic revisions and a whole host of new features. 

PakWheels sources have revealed that the 2018 Toyota Corolla’s design language has been updated for the vehicle to have a more aggressive stance. The majority of these upgrades can be seen at the front and rear of the vehicle, whereas the front end features a pair of slightly slimmer lights with integrated LED daytime running lights and Bi Beam LED headlights nestled between a new slimmer front grille. The front bumper features a much sportier design language with sharper lines and creases. The large trapezium shaped intakes and the raised lip of the bumper that looks like a front air diffuser are defiantly designed touches that are usually found on more expensive sports sedans. The rear end of the vehicle features updated taillights with a new design that is in line with the facelifted Corollas new modern and aggressive design language.


Sources also reveal that the newly facelifted 2018 Toyota Corolla Altis Grande is also expected to feature a new “Auto Reverse Link Mode“.  That will, when you shift into reverse not only engage the backup camera but also automatically shifts the side mirrors so that the driver has a better view of his/her surroundings and the rear of the vehicle. The facelift is also expected to feature Toyota’s latest smart key system integrated with their smart door handles that will allow you to automatically open the car when you place your hand on the door handle if you have the key fob with you, this also works in the same fashion with the smart trunk opener.

Also included in this update is a push button start system, a sports mode button that will presumably stiffen up the vehicle’s suspension, and make the steering and throttle response sharper. A brand new set of 16-inch alloy wheels will be equipped on the Altis Grande covered in YOKOHAMA tires in addition to new side skirts, auto retractable side view mirrors an immobilizer and Vehicle Stability Control.


Inside the new facelifted Altis Grande you are also likely to get a brand new Flexen Interior with an updated 9-inch infotainment system that includes features such as a webcam, front and rear camera integration in addition to WiFi hotspot capabilities. The seats feature seat belts with pretensions & force limiters as well as ISOFIX child seat anchors. Both the front and rear seats also get new USB slots for charging. The highlight of the interior is the addition of a newly designed Optitron instrument cluster that has been reported to feature colored LED lighting as opposed to regular small incandescent bulbs which not only give the dashboard an attractive look but pose less strain on the eyes and are easier to read.


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  1. It will still be a IMC Corolla, car for the majority JAHILS of the country. Always driving with fog lights on even on bright sunny days or always on hi beams or always in some kind of hurry.

  2. Real 'Jahil' are those who do not have ability to think analytically and generalize everything. Get a life. And try to watch less ARY and GEO and more ESPN. Try to get out of the house a little - no, not with mommy - on your own since I doubt you'd have any friends

  3. I agree with Mitsu67. Our drivers needs more education and understanding of the driving rules. I hate all those shit ppl driving the vehicle on high beams all around even if they are on a two way road. Dont know when we will but surely its gonna takes years for us to get near to a civilization.

  4. Well said saif. I am often annoyed by my countrymen. But i can not hate them. They are mine after all

  5. no offence,,,
    but had noticed that frequently . y all these corolla drivers r the most batameez one

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