PakWheels Infographics: Here’s Why You Should Use PakWheels To Buy Cars

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PakWheels has changed the way people bought and sold cars in Pakistan but there’s still a long way to go to fully realize people the benefits of using PakWheels to buy and sell cars. Here’s one infographic you’ll ever need to show people what PakWheels is, and why you should use it instead of the conventional means.


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  1. ysk says

    What you really need is a PakWheel Certified Program – Cars that have been examined by your team of experts. That will give people real peace of mind. There are a few business models around the world so you can have a look.

  2. Guest again says

    Fail. The infographic in tilt (the one just below the headline) has not been updated. Only the one in the main of the article has been.

    You should know PW readers have eagle eyes.

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