PakWheels Launches Its “Gari Ki Deals Only On PakWheels” Media Campaign

PakWheels has emerged as the leading online car classifieds portal in Pakistan. It has reached a listing of over 160,000 cars and over 24,000 motorcycles and is accessed by more than 100,000 unique visitors every day. The web portal is not matched by any other portal in the category. is also the first online automotive platform to be running a mass media advertising campaign through a variety of print and electronic media. The campaign focuses on the need to be with the experts of every field, and PakWheels, with various buying and selling tool, guides and Pakistan’s only automotive news and blog, is the expert online automobile classifieds.

Suneel Sarfaraz Munj, Chairman says:

“ has evolved as an all-inclusive platform where people can buy and sell cars, motorcycles and other vehicles and also get to know everything related to the auto world.” 

Aiming to become a billion-dollar company in the next 5 years, the phenomenal success of is proven by the fact that many foreign investors are now looking to invest in the car portal due to its exceptional business growth and bright future prospects.

The Malaysia-based firm, Frontier Digital Ventures, invested $3.5 million in the company last year, making the first Pakistani startup to attract a Malaysian venture capital fund.

In order to reach more consumers and automotive enthusiasts, PakWheels has launched its TV commercial campaign. You can watch the commercials below.

PakWheels TVC 1

PakWheels TVC 2

PakWheels TVC 3

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    You guys need to improve the performance of your site as well. Open any ad and its really slow to load the images. I have tested it on multiple internet connections with no connection less than 2mb. And if I compare it to olx ads, the images there load up very quick though the images are almost same size and dimensions. Same thing goes for your mobile app. Compare it with olx and you know it better. I not inclined to any particular website but just did a comparison between the two of the most used sites for car search.

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