Yamaha YBR125 VS Road Prince Wego 150CC

Road Prince Wego 150cc was launched with a potential competitor Yamaha YBR125 and YBR125G. The test ride of Wego 150cc demands an unbiased comparison with YBR125. Generally, the label ‘Road Prince’ will not compel the buyers to spend Rs 180,000/-  without a sound reason. I would sincerely suggest the buyers not to underestimate Wego 150cc before taking a test ride first. An overall comparison based on my personal experience would help you analyze both bikes in a better way. Also, the point of this comparison is to compare two new bikes of the market, and not just the engine capacity of the bikes. Its not about 125cc bikes vs 150cc bikes, but the point is to help readers understand overall which bike is better than the other.


In terms of overall looks, both the bikes are better than Honda CG125 and Honda 125 Deluxe. Wego 150cc has an absolute sports bike shape whereas YBR125 has a semi sports bike appearance. Wego 150cc is few inches shorter in height than YBR125. From the perspective of sports bikes, Wego 150cc has a more dynamic design. Wego exhaust looks quite attractive with a black wrap.


Most of the YBR users got their exhausts changed complaining about the odd sound of YBR125. Initially, the exhaust of YBR125 sounded disappointing but after completion of break-in period, the sound effect improved a lot. However, Road Prince Wego 150cc has an energetic and spirited sound. Whether its idling or when you are turning the throttle, Wego 150cc sounds much better than YBR125. Overall Wego takes lead on YBR in exhaust notes department.

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Wego 150cc is far behind when it comes to riding comfort compared to YBR125. Especially, when you are riding on Wego 150cc as a passenger, you won’t feel at ease. Pillion riding is noticeably uncomfortable on Road Prince. The passenger’s footrest and the height of passenger’s seat makes an uncomfortable seating angle. Furthermore, as for the main rider, the half lever gear in Wego 150cc adds much to its discomfort. On the other hand, YBR seat is ample and ideal flexibility of shocks does not let you feel the fatigue of riding.


As I mentioned in my previous article, the performance of Wego 150 was beyond my expectations. A 10 minutes test ride was enough to convince me that it had great pickup speed and acceleration for its engine size. It touched 85 km/h in 3rd gear without any sort of vibration or engine rattling. However, YBR users have complained about missing when throttling it hard.

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Both Yamaha YBR and Road Prince Wego 150 have a 5 speed transmission first forward rest upward shift gearbox, i.e. you engage first gear downwards and rest of the gears upwards from below the shortened gear lever and neutral in between the first and second gear halfway to the back. Unlike the linear/sequential shift pattern of bikes, this gear pattern takes time to get used to at first. The neutral in between the first and second gear halfway to the back. Both gearboxes perform well with their respective bikes, although there is general concern among YBR owners about the fuel cutout issue between 4th and 5th gears.

Build Quality:

After the test ride article on Wego 150cc, a common question asked was the material of parts used in this bike. Well, if you compare its quality of parts with those of YBR125, it’s not that impressive. YBR125 itself isn’t that impressive when it comes to parts and build quality, but in comparison to Wego 150cc, YBR125 seemed better to me. Wego needs to justify the cost of bike, only engine cc and styling won’t satisfy the savvy customers.

Road Prince Wego Image Gallery

Yamaha YBR125 Image Gallery

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  • Asadullah

    Does it really worth throwing 180K for a chines 150 cc bike when u can get Japanes GS 150 in much less

  • Guy Chauhan

    ybr ki running period pura ho jaye tb usk reviews ln to ziada realistic ho ga.

  • DJ

    125CC vs 150CC , Brand VS China … ziadati hai bhai …

  • MySchizoBuddy

    In my next article I’ll compare “what people say about wego” with “what people say about ybr”.

  • I think I’ll stick to my 2008 CG125 Deluxe. Before anyone bashes me, I’ll give you reasons.
    1. Both designs are all show and no go. I don’t know about the rest of you folk, but people staring at me or my bike at stops is both annoying and embarrassing. The Deluxe is understated and functional. I quite like that but then, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I’m a shrinking violet myself.
    2. Sound – Mine makes more noise. I give you that. I prefer bikes like the GS-150 – quiet and un-announced you zip by. But a CG 125 Deluxe at 10,000 RPM sounds much more exciting than either of these two.
    3. Comfort – All three are lousy. Period. Your bum gets numb and your passenger grumbles relentlessly until you get off and the first words you say are “Shukar hai, moula!”
    4. Performance – 85 in third on the Wego, fueling issues on the Yamaha? Hahaha. My 4 speed Deluxe manages 80 on third – unmodified. Vibrations? Nope. No fueling issues throughout the rev range either. Not worth spending 180k to get a small advantage.
    5. Gearbox – A 5 speed gearbox on both these bikes is good. Yes, the top speed is also more. Realistically, you don’t get to use that top speed in normal traffic conditions so you’ll have to work more with your shifts as you have an extra gear to play with. And I don’t need to concentrate on finding neutral either.
    6. Build quality – Yamaha and Wego are nowhere in the same league as the Honda. I’ve owned Hondas, Suzukis, Yamahas and Kawasakis and I will say this – Hondas are tough as nails, I’ve owned this Deluxe for 7 years now and it has taken everything I throw at it. A friend owns a Yamaha and says ‘fragile’ is an apt description for it.

    Personally, I’d rather buy the Suzuki GS 150. Sure, it’s a boring old thing but definitely better value – and the GS range is as tough as the CG range, if not tougher.

  • Shahmir

    Don’t worry it takes time thinks to get matured. Yamaha is great competitor to honda. Let’s give yamaha little time to settle down

  • Tahir Usman

    You are correct in your assumptions.But time to move on.Honda selling same old crap for years!

  • The same old crap works, which is more that can be said for the new crap. After all, crap is crap and if the old one works better than the new, then there’s no reason not to stick to the same old crap. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge Honda fan or anything like that. All I ask for is a new bike that performs well, is well built and is competitive in terms of pricing and after sales service. Is that too much to ask for?

  • I’m willing, mate. I’m waiting for that pretty FZ 150 – if it gets launched and is even up to 200k, I’ll buy one provided they stay faithful to the international design and if it works as advertised.

  • Qasim57

    Really, how much can you get a Japanese GS 150 for?

  • Shahzaib Rehman

    Suzuki GS 150 costs roughly 130K. and it is Japanese.

  • Qasim57

    But it lacks some things.. No disc breaks, no modern look, etc.

  • Usman Aslam

    wego fit ha agr 135k tk ho bussssss :3

  • Usman Aslam

    any update guys?

  • Honda lover

    Just a complexed a Honda owner here. Move ahead people.

  • Usama Khan

    Actually in my opinion Wego 150 is the copy of the bike named as DERBI whose dealers are Ravi in Pakistan(Design wise). Oh and they added Kickstart option too. But material wise DERBI is far far better than Wego.

  • M Salman Tariq

    lol Im an owner of GS 150 and i bought is 2 months before Yamaha Launched theirs and yes I agree Its best of the lost and the most comfy,
    but I disagree to some of the Stuff you said about your deluxe, with no offense and bashing Intended, The YBR is way more comfy as compared to deluxe and im saying that cuz i drove it, and like it or not your Deluxe Vibrates a lot, you can lie about it and i get it you liek your precious bike but it does vibrate while YBR and GS 150 dont.
    as for being tough the GS150 wins, I had a pretty bad accident in murree road and got lots of bruises yet there were damages on my GS150, i can say this fo sure that the smaller CG or cd70 wouldve been smashed.

  • M Salman Tariq

    what you CG fans forget to mention is the fuel mileage, the CG 125 gives
    roughly 35KMPL whilst my GS 150 gives me 45 for now, and most of the
    YBR riders I came across claim its milege is 50+

    so yeah the same old crap will have such issues, cant expect more from a 1976 technology eh?

  • I wouldn’t disagree. I’ve ridden a Yamaha and a Suzuki GS150 too and yes, the Suzuki is the most comfy among the three and Honda the worst. Tough – I already agreed on that. But then I was comparing the Yamaha and the Wego to the Deluxe. I’m sure you’ll agree that even a 1970’s Honda is better than these two as far as toughness and reliability goes. Add Suzuki and poor Hondas don’t stand a chance.

  • Bro I ain’t a CG fan. My first bike was a Harley 1200 XL sportster. Next was a GSXR 400 R. Honda was the 3rd and only because I totaled the first two. I bought it new and I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t sell things easy so am kinda stuck 😉 Fuel mileage – yes, it is somewhere between 30-40kmpl depending on how you ride. Again, adding a GS150 to the mix and Poor Honda has no chance.

  • M Salman Tariq

    Yep we can reach a mutual conclusion on that

  • M Salman Tariq

    People here confuse the fiber with plastic and hence start judging the toughness. Fiber itself is something adopted in many industries. Its not as weak as people are judging here. If being full of metal is toughness then i guess honda wins but really thats not a good parameter to use as conclusion.

  • Engine toughness, buddy.

  • Malik Tasleem Arif

    The Derbi Bike is wego, wego is a copy of derbi and in my opinion wego is better than yamaha ybr 125 and 125g becauseits build is better. wego is imported staight from italy and china from the company piaggio wheres yamaha is ffull pakistan quality so in my opinion, wego is better.
    To buy wego in rawalpindi please visit our shop called HERO CENTRE on Murree Road.
    Malik Tasleem Arif

  • harris jamshed

    ASSLAM O ALAIKUM dosto. Aap sb k khayal apni apni jagha bilkul theek gain. Mera b yahi khayal hay k agar style ki taraf Jana hay to Yamaha ya wego. Lakin agar zarrorat ki taraf Jain to Suzuki or Honda 125 ka jor nahi. Agar 2 say ziada log baithnay hon to surf Honda hi kam aata hay. Na hi Yamaha na hi wego. Ye bikes sirf style k leye hain.

  • Saad Mir

    there should be a review of Yamaha YBr125 vs Ravi Piaggio 125

  • Raja Maja

    what is the price, what colours are present with you?

  • Ali Hussain

    The new GS 150 SE 2016 has alloy wheels and from disc brakes. but price has increased from PKR 133,500 to PKR 158,500.

  • Amir

    Dear, I had CG-125 and now i am having YBR-125. Ybr gives me a mileage of 31Kmpl while its top speed is 100Kmph whereas CG-125 was giving me (mileage=40Kmpl) and top speed (105-110)Kmph. Spare parts are too expensive of YBR, and we also need to take good care of bikes from scratches etc.
    Anyhow its comfortable with very good engine. but these issues like Top Speed etc should be solved.

  • RafiUllah

    wego price 190000 ybr125g is 134000 difference is 56000 ? how to compare?