Road Prince Bike Wego 150 First Ride

Just a couple of weeks ago when Road Prince launched its 150cc sports bike (click here for official launch and more photos), a very debatable topic of this bike’s performance immediately started. According to our sources, Wego 150cc is a joint venture of Ravi and Road Prince bike. You can say that there are chances that there won’t be Ravi Piaggio anymore in the local market anymore. Ravi and Piaggo did not extend their contract of manufacturing Ravi Piaggo bikes due to declining revenues. Team PakWheels went on to take a first ride of Wego 150cc for its readers. We only had the limited time to check the bike and we did out best to know as much about it as possible.


We know the looks and beauty can be subjective but we must say, the bike is very well shaped. Although it does not looks like a heavy bike but a light sports bike. The only thing that lacks in the overall looks is the height of this bike. The exhaust looks quite attractive with a black wrap. The handle looks amazing as well. Wide surfaced tires add to the beauty of this bike. Moreover, alloy rims of Wego 150cc surface a stunning look with red colored rim stickers.


I had a chance to ride this bike for around 10 minutes, and I was genuinely impressed by its performance. One could argue 10 minutes is a short time to just jump to a final conclusion but it certainly was enough to leave a positive mark in my mind. I never expected such an impressive road grip and pick up speed from a Chinese bike maker. The bike touched 85 km/h in third gear without any vibration or engine clattering, like you would expect.


The sound is quite impressive as well. Better from any other bike in the local market. It has a very energetic and vibrant sound unlike other bikes in Pakistan that I’ve come across.


The bike was quite comfortable to ride on. For 10 minutes I had to myself, the riding seat felt good. The bike is equipped with hydraulic shocks and the seat is quite ample as well. On the other hand, the passenger might not have the greatest of time. Riding on Wego 150 as a passenger does not feel much comfortable, and one reason is the passenger’s foot rest and the height of passenger’s seat makes an uncomfortable seating angle.


Wego 150 has a 5 speed transmission with a half lever sporty 1 down 4 up shift gearbox, i.e. you engage first gear downwards and rest of the gears upwards from below the shortened gear lever and neutral in between the first and second gear halfway to the back. Unlike the linear/sequential shift pattern of bikes, this gear pattern takes time to get used to at first.

What’s New?

The bike is equipped with some great features like:

  • A digital meter bearing great resemblance to that of Suzuki Inazuma 150cc.
  • A small choke knob on the left side of the handle.
  • A round headlight dipper button.

Overall, the test ride was beyond my expectations. It is very nice to see a player entering in a cut throat competition market like ours, trying to break the monopoly, that would enable buyers to have a choice other than Honda bikes depending on their buying power.

Click through the gallery for the photos below:

To talk and discuss about the Road Prince 150, click here.

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Shaf Younus

I'm an Auto Enthusiast, a Tech Savvy and above all, Citizen of Pakistan.

  • Usman

    Thanks to Yamaha others are also launching good bikes now!

  • Nauman Shafique

    yup, they dare to launch new style and now more are to follow 🙂

  • nigga

    whats the price of this bike ?

  • Guy Chauhan

    i’ts sad if Ravi piaggio is quitting. they have to review their strategy and understanding of the market and the ground realities. spare parts, presence and after sale service is the most important aspect which has been badly and unprofessionally ignored.

  • Guy Chauhan

    ap video bna letay bike rike ki jis me isk hr aspect ko cover krtay #JMO

  • shahzad

    Credits of Launching new sporty shape in Pakistan goes to UNIQUE They Launched UD 100 first

  • shahzad

    UNIQUE UD100

  • Badar Iqbal

    aisi bikes k after sales he nai miltey. No spares available on common shops. Thats why honda is a market leader. Honda parts are easily available. such bikes are good if spares are available in market. Secondly quality of these bikes are not so good as compared to Honda. I must say KHICHAK jate hain kuch din baad he.

  • Aref Ali

    I agree with KHICHAK jana. Bikes loose their integrity and it feels like its gonna fall apart any second now. I had a Chinese bike once and I had to get its bolt tightened after every second month or so.

  • Naveed

    1 Lakh 70 thousand 🙂

  • wasted youth

    Road Prince has copied the complete shape and specs of the 150 Derbi bike launched in india by Piaggio India (Ravi Piaggio Pakistan). Below is the picture. All I am wondering, why Ravi Piaggio is getting fu***ed so dumb ass here in Pakistan. Piaggio has a strong lineup of Aprilla bikes and still producing crap in Pakistan.

  • wasted youth

    Yes, people like you don’t buy to facilitate themselves, they rather buy to sell afterwards. Stone aged pathetic mentality.

  • wasted youth

    It’s not sporty, rather lodgy. It’s for big families to support more wight.

  • wasted youth

    If it’s the price then one should seriously buy the upcoming Yamaha FZ bike, which is also in the same or slightly more (1.80 to 2 hundred thousands) price range.

  • Chill. He’s referring to after sales like spares and not re-sale. After owning a CG-125 Deluxe, I can agree with him. Damn all where you can find spares and most people don’t have the time or the patience to sit around waiting for when the parts are available. I don’t.

  • TheMan

    Pakistan jesa mulk jahan log china copy bike pasand kartay hain… wahan aesa bike introduce karwana wo bhi PKR 180 ka… i think this is ridiculous… kam az kam price 120 ya 130 rakhtary…

  • MySchizoBuddy

    you call that sporty shape!

  • MySchizoBuddy

    there is no FZ bike coming and no one knows it price either.

  • Wahaj Mirza

    This bike was launched in Pakistan for a whoopin’ 299,000/- Rupees. Too high for a commuter of 150cc engine. Also, both of these bikes are somewhat different as Derbi is self start only and has a different muffler tip which has been changed in Wego as it has a kick starter and produces more noise. Also, single mudguard in Derbi has been changed to dual mudguards in Wego. I’m truly looking forward to buy this bike but really concerned regarding the Quality of Wego. Why is Derbi still up for sale for the same 299K if Wego is being sold at 180K. And why have they not done anything if Wego is a copy of Derbi. Or has Derbi simply dumped Ravi and moved with the Road Prince guys.

  • Wahaj Mirza

    With due respect sir I own a Honda CG 125 2007 which is one rotton piece of metal. Intehai khicki hui no matter how much I spend on it. It just wont fix up. I owned a Suzuki sprinter 110 eco before which was comparatively better.. not in performance but in sturdiness. I am sick and tired of this “125” and I’m definitely looking for a change. The Wego sounds really nice if ONLY it was around 150K max.

  • Wahaj Mirza

    Dost ye China nahi.. Itlaian ki copy hay.