Honda Civic 2016 With Current R18 Engine Is A Possibility In Pakistan

Well the 10th generation Honda Civic 2016 is finally here. Fans of Civic have eagerly been waiting for the new car. And then there are those who aren’t exactly fans but were still interested to see what Honda has to offer this time. Generally, the new Civic has received positive reaction from the general public. There are always those who will never be satisfied but that’s not the point. The point is, Honda has worked a lot on this generation and is not half baked like previous generation.

But here is the thing, companies develop these cars in first world, where the buying power actually lies. Then those models trickle down to developing countries like ours. The issue here is, cars developed in countries with, let’s say perfect circumstances, will have issues when you try to drop them into our local market.

New Civic is going to be a turbo, which is not a secret. But what are the chances that we will see that turbo in Pakistani Civic as well, when it gets launched in somewhere near September next year. I was going through Honda Atlas website today and noticed that their City is Euro 4. The current 9th generation and previous 8th generation Civics were also Euro 4 emissions complaint. We are still struggling to get Euro 2 compliant petrol in Pakistan. Thank heavens that oil refineries took initiative to upgrade their rigs, and we will start seeing Euro 2 complaint fuel next year.

People who own any of 8th or 9th gen Civics know the joys of chocked catalytic converter and then removing them and messing up EGR and ending up with a nasty sounding car. The Honda’s 1.8l R18 engine coped with the locally available fuel one way or another, although you never hear one standard story of fuel average people get from this engine. Some quote ridiculous amount of kilometers per liter, and vice versa.

The R18 in current Honda Civic is a 1.8l motor rated at 141 hp @ 6300 rpm and 174 nm of torque. According to US websites, Honda’s new 1.5l turbo charged engine is rated at 173 hp. There is a major chance if we get the same engine is locally assembled Honda Civic 2016, power figures will not be the same. There is also a newly developed 2.0l naturally aspirated engine, but I highly doubt it will be made available here in Pakistan. That engine is rated at 158 hp. And then there is 2.0l turbo charged engine. Let’s just skip that one.

The point of all this is, what are the chances that Honda’s new pride and joy will perform as well as it was intended to, on our current, and then on Euro 2 fuel, when its readily available. What are the chances that Honda Pakistan will stick with current R18 engine for the 10th generation Civic as well. And it also not just about the bad fuel, what are the chances that our local mechanics will get used to the turbo setup. Kia Spectra flopped in Pakistan because mechanics used to say, ‘sir bekaar engine hai’. Honda might not see the same miserable fate but if your resident footpath mechanic rejects the car, there is a high chance there will be a lot of used 10th generation Honda Civics on sale on Pakwheels after couple of years.

For the launch video of the 10th gen Honda Civic, click here. And for the photos of the event, click here. You can discuss the Honda Civic here.


Honda 1.8l NA Engine


Honda 1.5l Turbo Engine


Honda 2.0l Turbo Engine

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  • Fazal Wahab

    I agree on turbo part but Do you think the new car on brand new platform will be able to house a R18 in engine bay? Honda Atlas which sells less than 30K cars a year, did Global Honda R&D made sure people in Pakistan might need R18, so lets design in a manner that 1.8L can be fixed into it. I also think 1.8L engine will come and probability of a 1.5 turbo is slim.

  • Geekpk

    With the kind of backward market one can expect anything from Honda Atlas as they were not able to launch even the new City.

  • Aref Ali

    My take on this is, that Toyota pushed that old cranky 70s ka 2C diesel engine in their Corollas for as long as it was viable for them. So it is a possibility Honda Atlas will do the same.
    And besides, although it is a new car, the DNA is still Civic’s so I am pretty sure there is a chance they will backtrack to borrow some parts from their previous generation Civics, just so that the new vehicle is suitable for the Pakistani domestic market.

  • Sultan Lashari

    Not that there’s anything Wrong with sticking to the old engine, however its wrong to be so pessimist about this. If you back track, people deemed the 1.8 reborn engine a failure too, and we all remember the initial Altis but Honda has always been known to keep quality. so the 2.0 or the 1.5 engine is still open IMO.

  • Rayhaan Khan

    Hey Arif Ali you are such a Jack. I think you should change your diapper before writting reviews on Pak Wheels. If you don’t know chanes of Turbo Civic in Pakistan, then what point you want to give readers by writing useless review?? You are also misleading readers by saying that Euro2 “compliant”, you should also check spelling,its compliance not complaint. Any way Euro 2 compliance has nothing to do with Petrol & refineries. It is acceptable parameters of emissions of various exhaust gases coming out of car exhaust. And there are no Rigs at Refineries, Rigs are only at Drilling Site used by E&P companies. Oil refineries are not dying to upgrade there refinery process just because 2015 civic is ariving neither same is required. You Pakwheel writers are just showy shit loaded diaper kids who have no indepth knowledge

  • Rashid

    euro standards do hv linked with fuel..i am saying this as i had personal interaction with CEO toyota Pakistan

    and in order to disagree with someone you dont need show of your vocab or knowledge

  • Atif

    Hi Arif,

    I think I need to interject here. After reading your analysis it still does not add up. Import duty of vehicle components in Pakistan is based on engine capacity CCs. Importing a 1.5L engine incurs less duties than a 1.8L engine. Similarly, it is also subject to less taxes and WHT when it is being sold. You have totally missed this point. Lower registration costs for 1.5 would attract a lot buyers.

    Furthermore, adjustments for local fuel availability can be made to any engine, all manufacturers do that it is not some rocket science.

    I would request you not to make random articles and please provide sources for your information not just random guesses and speculation.

    Peace out.

  • Tanweer Malik

    although a few points for which i would disagree, but it is a well researched article (UNLIKE OTHER NON-MATURE ARTICLES WRITTEN BY LEASED BURGERS by PAKWHEELS and Raza)

  • GulRaiz


  • Sherdil Khan

    No doubt probability of 1.5 L Turbo is slim but if Honda Atlas decides to offer the new Civic in a standard 1.5 Engine would definitely make the new civic sell like hot cakes. People here dont really like the whole idea of 1.5L Turbo.

  • Fazal Wahab

    If i am not wrong; I don’t think Honda has any engine in current line up with a 1.5L displacement without turbo.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    +10… If I could

  • ali

    Why not civic go with 1.0 engine so the price will down …. similar like in Europe