Road Prince To Launch 150cc Sports Bike In Pakistan

Yamaha Bike

Just after Yamaha launched its Ybr 125 this year in April, there has been a movement in the otherwise stagnant motorbike scene of Pakistan. Lets admit that Yamaha is the pioneer of economical heavy bike prices in Pakistan. But the game is not over yet. The competition has gone active.

Road Prince is off to launch a new 150cc sports bike in the next few days. The 150cc sports bike will be equipped with an electric starter 4-stroke single cylinder engine and a 5 speed gear box.

The shape seems quite sporty and attractive. It would be to early to comment on the performance as bike is yet to be launched.
The bike is also equipped with a digital meter similar to the Suzuki Inazuma 250cc.

Yamaha 2
Yamaha 1

The price of this Road Prince 150cc bike will be somewhere around PKR 180,000. I personally believe that for the brand name “Road Prince” this bike is overpriced. If 150cc bike for Rs 180k was under Honda or Yamaha flagship, it would have been an excellent price tag keeping in mind the buying power of people in Pakistan.

Road Prince has a track record for over a decade now in Pakistan. But still it is not as credible as Yamaha or Honda in the market. I cannot comment on the reliability of this bike as it is yet to be launched, but still the price should have been around Rs 150k, giving customers and bike lovers a chance to try Road Prince in comparison to Yamaha.

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Shaf Younus

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  • DJ

    100% agreed same thoughts here 🙂 but i think you have not contacted company yet to get detailed information you just wrote article based on information provided on social media.
    i have still one question is this the same bike which was launched by Ravi Piaggio with collaboration of Derbi which was sold for 300K PKR now same bike is launched in 180K? or it copy of Derbi.

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  • Tahir Usman

    Chinese crap!Way overpriced

  • wasted youth

    This is the impact of Yamaha’s launch. Now every company has to raise standards to compete in the market. At least now we will get rid of those stone aged bull shit shapes of CD-70 and CG-125.

  • Jahanzeb Baloch

    I’m not agree with the statement of Pakwheel that Yamaha is the pioneer of economically priced sports bike in Pakistan because one of the most economical and also fuel efficient bike is Ravi Piaggio 125cc with the price of Rs. 112k and also give outclass fuel average of 48 to 55 km/L with long and local run. Just one thing is different betweem piaggio and Yamaha and that is alloy rims. That’s it. Also want to share one news regarding Yamaha is that engine of 2 or 3 units of Yamaha ybr125 were seazed (piston and contacted rod) in my city. This is 100% reality.

  • Jahanzeb Baloch

    But its true that the price of Road prince 150cc is too much

  • TheMan

    zabardast…. but oligopoly remains….. atleast its price should be Rs.130,000/-

  • Abbas Khan

    Nothing less thant 200CC plx

  • Ahmaad Ather

    180K for the brand “Road Prince”. Are they high on pot?

  • MySchizoBuddy

    at first I too thought this was the derbi 150

  • Ibrahim Malik

    If crap then don’t buy it.
    Some is trying to bring new product in the market (even from china what is the harm in it).
    We people only asks for change and if some tries we only find worms in it.
    Think wisely, 75% of the world electronic companies shifted or plan to shift their production to china.
    Don’t treat Chinese products as crap. They have range in every product, one product they can make in 100 different qualities as per buyer requirements.

    So pls come out of this myth that if it is MADE IS CHINA it is crap!!!!!!

  • Ibrahim Malik

    If the quality is same like Ravi 150CC for 3 lac, this bike for 1.8 lac is better!!

  • Usman

    Mein ty hunda ee lay saa’n 😛

  • Sanjay Natarajan

    This bike is an exact replica of the Derbi ETX 150.
    Anyway, it looks cool!!!

  • Tahir Usman

    Wasted Youth been reading some of your comments on YBR125 thread.Spot on and very entertaining!!Keep it up!Lol

  • Tahir Usman

    Malik sb i have progressed out of buying these kids cycles.This stage of mine was in late seventies.i have a range of motorcycles at my place that i dont even ride anymore,which include the likes of Gsxr1000 and XR650l etc.Yes Chinese are supposed to be producing some good stuff but i have yet to see it!Secondly my point being that this ching bike at 180thousand is overpriced.YBR125 yamaha is available for 125000.So figure it out

  • Muhammad Aamer

    I think the price of Road Price’s new bike would be equal to Yamaha’s new Sports Bike YBR-125G i.e. Rs.132,500/- then it could compete the local market.

  • wasted youth

    Thanks buddy….!!!

  • Muhammad Waqas Anwar

    i think Unique and Ravi launched low price sports bikes in Pakistan long before of Yamaha…..

  • rashid

    have my fingers crossed for a 250 naked! but this is finally a good step, better then shitty honda