Porsche Is On A Mission With Its “Mission e”

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Everyone of us in the childhood might have played with an RC (remote control car). I am sure you broke apart the same and looked inside. It always used to have a battery set, and a small motor. The motor is the propulsion system for that RC car along with the battery and nothing else.

A decade or so ago no one even thought of having electric cars. A car which don’t need gasoline and can still be able to run on the roads. Due to increasing fuel prices in last decades some existing and new companies appeared with their technologies. Everyone knows a Tesla now for their amazing piece of engineering in form of Tesla Model S and now upcoming Falcon winged door Model X. Tesla has become benchmark as far as electric cars are concerned and becoming a best seller and everyone’s eye candy.  Tesla Model S outsold BMW 7 series as well as Mercedes S Class and Audi A8 for some time in North America in 2014. Tesla is taking over electric car market in Europe as well. The three big German automakers are working hard from last few years to bring in their versions of full electric cars.

Porsche also showcased one such concept car and it’s spectacular and beautiful. The car is named “Mission e” and it’s certainly on mission to attack Tesla. The concept appeared at Frankfurt auto-show today and stole the show. The car design is unmistakably a hard core Porsche.  Its has four doors and four seats, with over 600 hp power and over 500 km driving range. It will be an all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds and reaching 200 km/h in under twelve seconds.

The car will have charging time of around 15 minutes to reach an 80 % battery power. The battery is placed  in the floor of the car, between the front and rear axles for low center of gravity and better weight distribution. According to Porsche they are introducing 800 volts technology for the first time comparing others in the market which offer 400 volts system. This results in shorter charging times and reduces weight due to lighter and smaller wire gauge. “Mission e” is composed of carbon and aluminum composite and even wheels are made of carbon to  make the car lighter and more efficient. To reduce the air drag Porsche is introducing virtual side view mirrors and even eliminating a B pillar. The rear doors will obviously counter open. Overall car looks beautiful and futuristic and we would like to see a production model soon. Porsche is expecting to release the car by 2018. Have a look at the video below.

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