Ultra Rare 1966 Ford GT40 Found In A Storage Dump

It is a kind of sad when vehicles that once turned heads end up in a dump or storage place. They don’t have wheels to turn themselves let alone turn heads. Every now and then we hear someone found years old vintage car and is planning to restore it. Same is the case in America where car collector Thomas Shaughnessy sneezed up for an ultimate automotive history making vehicle.

Chassis P/1067 proves that the vehicle is 1966 Ford GT40. It was the last unit produced and was sold in 1967 sporting a MK II rear clamshell, only three vehicles hold the crown for this particular rear. And among those three cars, this is the only that survived. Cherry on top, this particular Ford GT40 is the only car known in existence to still retain the MK II rear, making it even more precious.

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Looking back on to the history, this 1966 Ford GT40 was raced until 1977 when its engine failed to work and the car had to retire early. The owner began repairs but unfortunately an injury occurred and the process stopped. Probably the car was destined to be treated like this.

All thanks to Thomas Shaughnessy to uncover this legend and saving it which was previously getting the treatment it never imagined. It will now be restored to original specification and brought back to life as same as it was back in the 60’s.

And this is the car after the restoration:

ford gt40 owned by tom shaughnessy

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  • A beautiful car indeed.

  • Awes Ahmed Khan

    I don’t buy the restored picture either. Look at the side pic in the dump.

  • Ejaz Ahmed

    The second pic is a mk IV gt40 also called j car.Its not the same car.possible mistake by editor.
    Source Wikipedia ford gt40.