How to Verify the Auction Sheet of your Imported Japanese Car with PakWheels Online Auction Sheet Verification

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Pakistan is primarily a used car market due to local manufacturers not keeping up with the demand of consumers, and people are not left with an option but to buy a used car or to import a car from other countries. It is pertinent to mention here that not only the local manufacturers are lacking in production but also don’t equip vehicles with many features, this is another reason people buy used imported cars.

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Pakistanis on a yearly basis buy almost 50,000 Japanese used cars. However, before the car comes into contact with the buyers, they don’t know its history, i.e., if the car is damaged or is there any other regulatory present in the cars. That is why an auction sheet comes with each car which comprises with its previous history an autopsy of the car or you can say an x-ray of the car.

Why need an auction sheet?

  • Highlights past repair jobs
  • Visualizes car evaluation report
  • Accentuate current status
  • Protects you from getting scammed by a seller
  • Helps you avoid fraudulent vehicles

Before going further, let’s stop here for a moment, here I will tell you how Japanese cars are graded before going for bidding. Japanese cars are sent to auction houses these houses grade the cars on the standard defined by JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization). The vehicle is graded primarily on the basis of its mileage, interior, and exterior condition. The top right corner of the auction sheet shows the auction grade. After the grading process, these auction houses put the car for bidding purpose; anyone can buy cars through bidding.

Sample Verified Japanese Car Auction Sheet

In Pakistan, mostly, dealers buy Japanese cars by bidding through Japanese auction houses. Japan’s market ships many cars through these auction houses and with each car an auction sheet is made available for the content of buyers. However, as the number of cars being auctioned is growing to make auctions sheets are also becoming a problematic process, and sometimes the auction sheets become tempered as well. So to dismay, this situation has launched an online auction sheet verification service. You can just put merely a Chassis Number and get your car’s auction sheet verified. has launched this service to cater to the need of local consumers and to curb the menace of auction sheet tempering.

You can visit PakWheels Online Auction Sheet Verification here!

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