PakWheels probes Shell Askari 4 water contamination issue


In a recently surfaced video on social media, a customer complained of being sold ‘tainted Hi-Octane’ from a SHELL Petrol Pump at Askari 4, Karachi.

As observed from the video, the accusations mainly stem from the possibility of fuel with a traceable quantity of water mixed in it.

The video in question shows Hi-Octane dispensed into a tall container with a petrol pump attendant taking out a sample to sniff it.

Pertinent to note that water contamination does not cause engine seizure but requires cleaning of fuel pipes and tanks.

Pak Wheels has contacted Shell Pakistan Limited (Shell), they have informed us that the customer’s complaint has been addressed. The customer’s car was taken to the Honda dealership for repairs and has been handed over today, 21 July 2017. Shell encourages customers to share their complaints and feedback on their official helpline 0800-74355 or email address

Notable Replies

  1. Nabs says:

    My Audi A4 fuel pump developed rust because of water contaminated Hi-Octane by PSO Cantt Lahore. Car had to be toed to service center as it wouldn't start. The bill was 60K.
    Hi-Octane is a slow moving product, so it sits in underground tanks a lot longer than regular fuel and has higher chance of contamination. Therefore I no longer buy cars that require only Hi-Octane fuel.

  2. @Nabs, Vezel is okay with drinking regular fuel, correct?

  3. Nabs says:

    Yes. I drove Vezel over 10,000 km only on regular fuel, no issues.

  4. Unless and until there are strick regulation to control such scams from fuel company and their operated pumps nothing can be achieved no matter how many times you make complain.
    I have issue with total pump and sent them msg regrading the issue after few days rcvd the call from their office for what happened I explained about sub standard fuel I got from total fuel station they noted and said they will chk and let me know, it's been months I didn't rcvd any call from them.
    Sab Kay sab chor Hain. Haram khanay Kay adi.

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