How much people spent on buying a car

Buying car is a hectic task, whether one is buying a used or a new car. From its mileage, performance and safety features, one has to look into each and every aspect of car buying. Nonetheless, one of the most important factors, which play a part while buying a car is its price. So, in a bid to see how much people have spent on buying a car, conducted an auto survey namely Automobile Industry Survey in 2017. In this survey, a total of 19,155 numbers of responses were recorded from all over the country.

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  • Less than 1.0 million: 27%
  • Spent > 1.0 million-1.5 million: 28%
  • Spent > 1.5 million-2.0 million: 20%
  • Spent > 2.0 million-2.5 million: 8%
  • Spent > 2.5 million-3.0 million: 5%
  • Spent > 3.0 million-3.5 million: 2%
  • Spent > 3.5 million: 5%
  • Did not disclose information: 5%

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As one can clearly see that the 75 percent of the respondents said that they had spent under PKR 2 million on buying the car. If we compare the results of 2017 auto survey of with its previous auto industry survey, then the result is encouraging.

In the previous survey, 81 percent consumers said that they had spent under PKR 2 million on buying the car.

Moreover, it is to be noted here that the survey shows that more people can buy now buy cars worth between 2-3 million, there is an increase of 7 percent of people opting to buy cars between 2-3 million. In the previous survey, only 6 percent were willing to buy a car in the aforementioned digits. In simple terms, this means that the car purchasing power of the people has increased tremendously, which also shows that the economy of the country is getting better.

It is to be noted here that in Automobile Industry 2017, People have crowned Honda Civic as the Car of the Year award.

In the survey, many other brands have won people’s choice award as well.

Click here to view the complete report and list of award winners!

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