Petrol and diesel prices increased

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The petrol bomb has been dropped by the government on the pressure of IMF perhaps, the prices of petroleum products have been increased by 5.57 rupees since Monday.

OGRA had proposed an increase of 5.45 rupees but the government chose keep it slightly lower then that at 4.12 rupees, so the new price is 113.25 rupees per liter.

Price of diesel has been increased by 4.69 rupees per liter to be at 112.26 rupees per liter.

Price of High Octance has been raised 5.57 rupees to 143.90 per liter rupees per liter while kerosene prices has also been raised by 2.14 rupees to 108.13 rupees per liter.

All the prices above are ex-depot price and petrol stations add 30-40 paisas for retail.

The latest increase in prices of fuel comes partially because oil prices in international market has seen an increase but majorly due to the fact that rupee has lost its value infront of US Dollar.

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  1. Hassan Maqbool says

    Dekho Dekho Kon Aya 14 Saal Say Bokha Sher Aya

  2. Anonymous says

    thair jao kahien imran khan ka IMF daftar kholnay ka beyan abhi baqi hay. taliban ka tu psh mein khol gaya haay

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