PHD from Lahore invents a Toyota Corolla which runs on water

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There are many scam out there on the internet and the world trying to lure you into buying their product to save precious money through fuel saving and all of them are fake. The best fake though is worth mentioning, it was some sort of am/fm modulator look-like device that claimed to save fuel to as much as 50% if you plugged it in your car’s lighter dock.

However, Dr. Ghulam Sarwar, was recently covered by local tv channel as he revealed his latest Toyota Corolla which runs on water.

According to Dr. Sarwar, the car runs on 60% water and rest is diesel while an ordinary car may emit carbon-dioxide and kill our planet earth as we know it, but this doesn’t, this actually emits oxygen due to a system which separates hydrogen and oxygen from water and thusly, it doesn’t emit carbon-dioxide.

Moreover, he also said that the car’s research will be completed soon and by next year June, it can be run completely on water.

The research into the making of this technology took six long year but finally, the stretched out Corolla runs on 60% water and as per the Dr. Sarwar, the manufacturing of this kit will only cost 30,000 PKR and generate more than a million jobs.

That is quite an optimistic estimate so lets go out hunting for water now but, if this Corolla can really move through that technology, than the largest automakers bragging and investing billions of dollars into green technology must go back to school.

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  1. Stalk3r says

    Looks like we gonna have WATER load shedds when this comes in !!

  2. Faisal Karamat says

    Well Done Sir;
    I hope you carry out this project in Pakistan and help the people in Pakistan. Please make sure that people of Pakistan take benefit of this invention.

  3. Muhammad Zeeshan Jawed says

    May Allah bless you with the knowledge more. And pray that this brain must not drain, and Allah give the power to overcome the barriers. Congratulation on your achievment.

  4. KulPrIT says

    I don’t want to see water being so expensive that it is out of reach of people(Just like gasoline today). So I condemn from the bottom of my heart, any effort that has been put to make water a replacement fuel for mass production purpose. I don’t want my future generations fighting and dying for water. This would be te starting point of a new world order where countries would go to any extent to save their water and also steal water of other companies. Today America is in battle for oil, tomorrow it will be for water. Think about it. Please don’t support any idea that takes us further into slavery.

  5. KulPrIT says

    * other ‘countries’

  6. Mazhar says

    Did Dr. really took 6 years to invent it from scratch or he just managed to install a kit ordered from, say, USA.

  7. Ozair Arshad says

    People this technology exists in market for quite some time now , i studied about this about 5 years ago, this is called HHO kit , it provides more oxygen inside the engine for better efficiency for fuel burning , visit , this site is working for last 6 years.
    I feel sorry that people claim others products as their own invention and that tv anchor did not research authenticity of thats PHD’s claim, plagerism at its best by a PHD.

  8. Atiq Hussain says

    Well done sir, but I would like to inform you that I already know a car technician in Islamabad who is making and
    selling these kits for past few months for half of the price you mentioned and there are over 50 cars are using this

    Best of luck

  9. Atiq Hussain says

    Well done sir, but I would like to inform you that I already know a car technician in Islamabad who is
    making and selling these kits for past few months for half of the price you mentioned and there are
    over 50 cars are using this kit presently.

    Best of luck

  10. Usman Shaheen says

    looks fake

    its not possible yet to get energy out of water by separating H & O – in a feasible manner.

  11. akram says

    guys i have a hho kit which runs exactly as above. can anyone help me installing in my truck

  12. akram says

    i have got it from states, its a complete assembly just need a someone to assist


  13. Imad Din says

    It seems kind of cheap publicity and as usual make pakistani peoples happy with fake thing. There is no contact information about the person his lab his research institute his website or any thing. There is no way for me to contact him go and see him personally or see his product. We are abroad pakistani and happen a lot of time as lot of pakistani think our govt dont support our genius peoples thats why we cant make any progress. The problem is that we dont have real geniuses either. Most of these kind of news come to just for some agenda. We tried on couple of these to get in touch with a good intention that if govt wont help we can help we are a group of people sitting out side the country but ready to promote any good thing from any pakistani. But all we find is so far is every thing fake or lie. If any one can find this person or his experiment on bases of truth please let me know I have 3 friends me in U,S my nephew in U.K and brother in Austrailia and we are ready to finance and help him out. But we want to see the experiment 1st. As we already get cheated in pakistan couple of time that people show and talk nicely but they dont have any thing in real .
    Pakistani people please dont be happy if you listen this kind of news and dont spread it until you testify it. In west people make fun of us on this thing that any wrong news we spread shamefully come to know later was wrong or some kind of a catch.

  14. Imad din says

    Brothers this HHO technology is fail technology. Most of the kits sold here in U.S is just a cheat and dont work at all. The expensives ones with warranty with installed by them work less tehn 7% fuel effeciency
    please dont waste your time on these there are other ways like ethanol or bio fuel to get rid of gasoline but water wont work at all or not worthy to install.

  15. Muhammad Zubair says

    I am parmoted to you and i pray for you that you are made a new tecnolagy and my allha bless you.all pakistani people requesting for you that plese make many effrat and complate this project,
    Muhammad Zubair

  16. Joseph says

    Well done Dr.Ghulam Sarwar.
    I am student of Msc physics.Bzu.Multan.
    I will also invent better one.
    Pakistan zindabad.

  17. faisal says

    sir iwant to meet with you , give us your contact no. thanks.

  18. Engineer Rashid Malik says

    i can provide you Technology about HHO fuel generation ,solar , and hydro power kindly connect me on +92-333-8704202

  19. Viqar Siddiqui says


  20. Qadeer Ahmed Warraich says

    how it is possible I donot belive.

  21. Shadezz Dot says

    How can this car emit oxygen ? you are burning diesel fuel and hydrogen both of these fuels require oxygen for combustion therefore this car should emit water and carbondioxide not oxygen

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