Pictures: 2013 Honda Civic’s emergency facelift spied

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The new 2012 Civic was just revealed a couple of weeks ago here in Pakistan but it was launched a bit more early this year for the rest of the world but the car was lacking with ordinary styling and interior while the performance was rated as average too.

Honda’s engineer sought that out immediately when its model was launched against the likes of new Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra and Mazda Mazda3 and they went back to the drawing boards to draft a new model for 2013 before people loose their interest in the car altogether even though sales figure were good but the criticism wasn’t positive.

The 2012 Civic has been on sale for just about an year and already, AVP Sales of Honda says, “The changes made to the 2013 model will make the outgoing 2012 Civic a difficult model [to] sell when they are side to side.”

The emergency facelift to arrive in 2013 will be in the words of AVP Sales, “dramatic improvements to the exterior styling that moves Civic into a more premium sporty direction.”

In the U.S., Honda has urged the dealers to clear out their stocks to make way for the 2013 Honda Civic giving industry pundits enough time to be able to develop a rationale as such an early refresh in a product’s life-cycle is unprecedented, especially these days and despite sales were good yet a refresh is already here.

During a recent interview, Tetsuo Iwamura, president and CEO of American Honda, imparted to us his desire for the Civic to become a benchmark of the crowded compact segment once again.

“We really wish to be the best in that segment; we really wish to be the benchmark in that segment again,” Iwamura said. “This is a lesson we’ve learned – we have to be the best.”

It is likely that the 2013 emergency facelift would be available but we wouldn’t be sure as there’s no competition so as the only student in the class, it’s bound to top it.

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  1. Tahir Usman says

    Thank God!

  2. Afnan Aftab Motiwala says

    I think honda should hire few designers from kia n hyundai , look at their designs now a days n look where honda is going , new city n new civic both r not good as previous models…

  3. Umar Malik says

    Its just not up to the mark. I'm personally inclining more towards Germans.

  4. Muhammad Ashmal says

    Civic 2012's design was so disappointing. Civic always had a sporty look but the civic 2012? nah.. Reborn looks way better.

  5. Ihost Voip says

    Internationals calls increase is a Huge fraud by Ministry of IT and Telecom and PTA to benefit foreign operators which would result in outflow of billions of precious dollars from pakistan.

  6. Tariq Mahmood says

    CIVIC 2012 is best design car and do not compare it to third grade low quality cars like kia and hyundai…

  7. Sultan Asghar ALi says

    is ki front to mazda 6 ki hai or bck camry 2007 ki tarah hai.. jo shape middle east mai hai.

  8. Sheharyar Ali says

    Civic 2012 is a Big Dissapointment….honda should try to innovate things on their own rather than copying others….city back lights were copied from some model of bmw….civic front is a lil bit similiar to city's front and its back is a lil bit similiar to benz kompressor c200….also they've taken the prices too high…..24.5k seriously I'll never go for this car I'd rather prefer a Mark X a more executive car a more executive look.

  9. Hamid Mahmood says

    No Doubt the Interior in 2012 is way better but Exterior really disappointing Reborn is much more spacious than the 2012 Civic the new one Just like some modified City and Civic Mixture 😛

  10. Muhammad Ashmal says

    take a look at the tail light, aren't they close to a Toyota Camry 2004 as compared to other civic?

  11. Sabeeh Qureshi says

    The new JDM civic evolved from the 2006 variant of the US civic. The front looks a HELL LOT better than that bullshit reborn. Some say the rear is of an 04' Toyota Camry and others say they copied Mercedes. Ager itni bisti hi kerni hai then go work for Honda and do better than them. I really hate the way every 'typical' Pakistani sees things. Be open minded. If you can't afford it then don't brag about it.

    This is coming from an ex-civic holder. The interior is a bit suckish though (talking about the RPM meter to be exact) but the rest is amazing. You will all eat your own words after 2-3 years. You said the same with the reborn and now same with the new facelift.

    Again I say GO MAKE SOMETHING BETTER THAN THEM instead of just blabbering gibberish about something you can't appreciate of the work that's been put into it.

  12. Abdullah Akram says

    front light's tou yar look's like "city" '12! It look's more frm the back like camry.. aik model aya tha camry ka jiski same ye lights thien!
    well, this isn't a CIVIC which the AWAAM want's :/

  13. Marz Spy says

    rear is ALMOST of 2004 Toyota Camry

  14. Umer Ashraf Sheikh says

    Ain't making much difference mate, it's quite fugly

  15. Sufyan Khalid says


  16. Sufyan Khalid says

    u know wats the price f German and the repair cost ??? 😉

  17. Umar Malik says

    Yea. I do. And its totally worth it

  18. Saqib Raza says

    Cannot identify any change is these spy pictures? can anybody tell.

  19. Afnan Aftab Motiwala says

    3rd grade low quality like kia n hyundai , lol i think u r living in 90s when kia used to produce cars like pride n classic . . .

  20. Tariq Mahmood says

    No matter but Toyota vs Honda is allright but do not compare it to kia and hyundai .. both are same and single company with 2 names… you can compare kia with suzuki .. surely but for Honda no my dear ………………

  21. Afnan Aftab Motiwala says

    where have i compared honda with kia or hyundai , tell me ? i only wrote that look at designs of these companies n look at the designs honda is giving , does that mean i m comparing these two cars ?

  22. Tariq Mahmood says

    you spoke that .. I think honda should hire few designers from kia n hyundai….
    so arent you comparing the designs .. any ways its ok

  23. Sabeeh Qureshi says

    They're saving up on space and being minimalistic. I wouldn't like my car to be super loooooong since its a pain in the ass to maneuver around corners. =p

  24. Umar Malik says

    yea. i still stand by my statment :p

  25. Haris Virani says

    Previous is always good.

  26. Adeel Awan says

    honda shoud change it.

  27. Yasir Amin says

    but it very camfartable

  28. Saad Hussain says

    Tariq Mahmood i totally agree that honda 2012 designs are perfect from front, side etc but not from the back side. I mean if u stand exactly at the back side of car the car looks ugly rest is great

  29. FRhan Shoaib says

    hyundai is now comparable to honda in the compact car market… hyundai doesnot mean that you start recalling a santro. Full marks to Hyundai Veloster.

  30. Hamza Awais says

    this honda civic 2013 will come to pakistan???

  31. Hamza Awais says

    When this honda civic 2013 is coming to pakistan?

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