Pictures: Toyota Tundra successfully tows the space shuttle Endeavor


Last month Toyota had announced to engage its pick up truck in a tug of war by making it pull a 145-ton Space Shuttle Endeavor which made its first ever flight on 7th of May, 1992 and after 130 missions later, it has been discharged gracefully to be put in a museum to people can see and admire all the great thing the shuttle has pulled out.

Now Toyota Tundra has pulled the Space Shuttle successfully for a whole 12-mile (19.2 km) in Los Angeles. A bone-stock 2012 Toyota Tundra CrewMax 4×4 was used a specially developed special tow dolly so that the it wouldn’t snap out mid pull.

Youtube is banned but here’s the link to the video and some pictures are below of the pull.

Toyota Tundra tows Spaceship

Toyota Tundra tows Spaceship

Toyota Tundra tows Spaceship

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