PM approves Mercedes worth 13 million rupees for Attorney General of Pakistan

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Pakistan is going through a political and economic crisis however, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif  is still making exceptions which will give more talking points to people all around. PM Nawaz Sharif has given approval for purchase of a 2400cc Mercedes for Attorney General (AG) of Pakistan.

Attorney General is the principal law officer of the country and is entitled to a 1800cc car just like the judges of Supreme court except Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Salman Aslam Butt is the current Attorney General of Pakistan and is also considered a personal favorite of PM Nawaz Sharif as he has represented PM and his family in several cases, from which the Sharif’s have been cleared.

This isn’t the first expensive purchase by PM on the expense of Tax Payers’ money, earlier this year, PM purchased two BMW 760Li for Rs 224 Million and now, Mercedes E250 will be the third expensive car to be approved by PM.

PM approved the purchase of E250 which will cost 13 million rupees, and the Attorney General’s office forwarded the approval to the Finance Ministry so our AG can party hard asap.


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  1. Haida Kay says

    Nacho is BC noora jamhuriyat mey .. Imran khan ki batein hon ya kisi aam admi ki batein, hain to aik he na.. Ye nichorr kr rakh dengay pakistan ko 0r saray dehaatii inhi Noon Nikammo ko vote dengay .. agli bar zardari ajaey ga phir us se agli bar yehi nawaz sharif .. flyovers bantay rahengay sailaab atay rahengay log martay doobtay rahengay Corruption hoti rahegii.. Rip Pakistanio

  2. saddy2005 says

    kher he no worries, atleast bhutto toh zinda he, probably bought these to save democracy

  3. MasroorGilani says

    AG’s have had Honda Accords so far and you know the price of Accord in Pakistan is now 10,650,000 PKR . Source So what’s the big deal about it?

  4. Humayun Asghar Ali says

    I am really disappointed by the authenticity of Pakwheels forgod sake please dont react like Imran khan its already been disscussed in the Meher bukharis show where the attorny General himself has denied to accept this mercedes and has said that he will never will nd owns mercedes benz already so please nd please Imran khan said he will never introduce that jungla bus but he did that so a big jhoota he is nd he has made this country suffer alot

  5. Humayun Asghar Ali says

    people in pakistan just critisizing for sake of criticisim which is shocking i mean Imran khan says “Tabdeeli aa nh rahi aagayi hai” just look at khyber pakhunkhawaah kiya tabdeel ho gya hai kiya naya peshawer bun gaya hai ooh bhaii we dont need naya pakistan humein wohi Qaid e Azam ka pakistan he theek hai

  6. Geekpk says

    badshah salamat ka jo hukam vo krein gay.

  7. lex says

    He had an E200 when he had not become AG. Pata nahi lalach kion nahi jata.

  8. ZaryabFaisal says

    sahi kaha ….

  9. marson says

    E-Class starts from 1.8 1796cc engine. there is no 2400cc engine.Search the web for Mercedes-Benz W212.
    They are smart people.

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