PM cars auction concludes in Islamabad

PM cars

17th September 2018 – As reported earlier, the Federal government organized the auction of ultra-luxury PM vehicles.

The auction started at 10:00 AM in the PM House, Islamabad, with 102 vehicles, which included 8 BMWs, 28 Mercedes Benz, 9 Honda cars, 8 Suzuki, 40 Toyota cars, 5 Mitsubishi, 2 Cherokee, 1 Nissan, and 1 Hino Bus.

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, while speaking to the media, said the first batch of 70 vehicles had been sold above their market price.

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The auction was divided into two batches. 70 cars were sold in the first batch. The second batch comprised of high-end luxury cars, which included the Mercedes Benz S-300, Maybach S-600, BMW 7-Series, BMW X-Series and etc.

As per our sources, due to the high price demand compared to the market, the auction of 10 – 12 cars got canceled and they will be up for auction in the next session, however, the date is yet to be decided.

The auction was held as part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s austerity drive, and the money generated from this auction will be used for the well-being of the nation.

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  1. F1 says:

    Any info on s300s ?

  2. This is the most stupid government in the history of Pakistan which does not know anything about the situation in Pakistan.Right now black marketing of Toyota and Honda cars with 100,000 rupees per vehicle is going on without this spineless government doing anything about it.Increasing duty on imported cars will deprive the poor pakistanis of a chance to buy a cheap car on will increase to 200,000 delivery period will increase to one year and our stupid imposed finance minister , will do nothing.The only thing the government and the FBR can do is to harass the poor people , like luxury tax imposed by shahbaz sharif on houses , when the excise inspector would ring the bell and say if u dont pay we will seal your house.Welcome to the banana republic of pakistan.

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