PM Imran Khan aims to introduce electric cars in Pakistan

In a bid to fight against the ever-increasing pollution and reducing the oil imports every year, the government has decided to turn the automobile industry into 30% electric by 2030.

According to the details, a meeting on climate change chaired by PM Imran Khan was held on 17th May 2019. It was concluded with the aim to set up electric car plants in the country to fight several environmental issues on the rise. On this occasion, the Adviser to Prime Minister on climate change Malik Amin Aslam was also present who briefed the current situation. The premier is positive about electric cars technology, which could reduce the adverse effects on our climate due to pollution and global warming. Later on, he also directed the concerned authorities to ensure conversion of 30% vehicles into electric by the year 2030.

There were several other climatic issues discussed in the meeting, including the plantation of 10 billion trees across the country and installation of a glacier monitoring system. The adviser to PM also told a press conference that the latest move to revolutionize the automobile industry would undoubtedly help in leaving its positive impact on the environment. The smoke emissions in Pakistan have reached a dangerous level which pollutes the air and hence damages the entire ecosystem. It’s also a contributor to the occurrence of smog during winters in Punjab. The government has also banned the burning of crops from last year.

The concept of electric cars is already dominating the entire world as it brings several benefits to the environment. In Pakistan, the introduction of electric vehicles would help save imported oil cost of worth Rs.2 billion. A large number of LPG and CNG stations have closed due to the unavailability of gas. This particular issue will also be resolved if these stations get converted into electric charging docks for electric cars. The government also plans to introduce Green Rickshaws in the country to improve the environmental conditions. The officials are holding talks with the stakeholders on this matter as well.

The vision of PM is in accordance with the global requirements of saving the environment and revolutionizing the auto industry; however, the challenge of setting affordable prices for electric vehicles looms under the current economic uncertainty. The installation of electric charging stations beforehand is necessary before introducing the electric cars to give them enough room for growth among the consumers. However, the government will have to confront several challenges in setting up an electric automobile industry in Pakistan. There are a number of Chinese auto manufacturers such as BAIC group who are already in the process of making electric cars. Nonetheless, this step from the government shall be applauded, which would benefit the industry as well as the environmental issues. These efforts could only turn fruitful if the next governments continue putting their efforts in the whole process which is planned till 2030.

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Apart from being an Electrical Engineer by profession, he is an automotive content writer at PakWheels, a web designer and a photographer.

  • Asim Zafar

    Ahhhh PM Imran Khan and his aims and promises, do I need to say more!

  • Awam Ki JIT

    As usual puppet Khan is uttering garbage out of his mouth without any plan details.

    Electric cars cost more than regular cars. How the hell any Pakistani will buy them unless government allow them duty free at zero tax ratings.

    It’s more than a slogan of this compulsive liar we chose as our PM.



  • Anis Khan

    It is a a Good Step ,
    1. first it will reduce the Oil Import Bill .
    2. Consumer also need to Understand that Electric Cars running cost is much much less so they will be saving Mooney .
    3. Yes prices are High Now cause Battery prices are High but this will Change Once more Cars are Produced .
    4. It will Open the door for New Industry In Pakistan , Since Producing Electric Cars Are Much less complected then Producing Combustion Engine Cars .

    And Last … it is where the world is going now in the present so should we be left behind ?

    Anis Khan

  • Kashif

    one to two wapda units are enough to power plug in hybrid vehicles. for all electric cars like tesla, 85 kilo watts are required for a 300 mies(490km). This will cost almost 2100 rupees with 25 rupees/unit.
    Conventionally, a 1300-1600 cc car consumes almost 4500 rupees for same distance with 110 rupees/liter. So its straight away a saving of almost 55%.