“Power of Toyota Mark X 300G is Worth Every Penny” – Owner’s Review

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Today, featuring in another episode of the owner’s review is the Toyota Mark X 2007. Widely famous among enthusiasts and one of the modern classics produced by Toyota. The Mark X was launched back in 2004 and was a successor of the Mark II.

It is a rear-wheel-drive mid-size sedan with a powerful engine and luxurious frills. It came in 2 main variants, the 250G with a 2.5-liter engine and the 300G, which had a 3.0-liter engine. This particular car is the 300G premium variant which produces 252hp and 314Nm of torque and is fully equipped. This car was imported in 2020, and the owner bought this car a few months back for Rs. 4.2 million.

Salient Features

This 300G is the top-of-the-line variant and has all the Toyota’s features in this car. These include a sunroof, rear shade, 10-way electric seats, adjustable suspension, radar, adaptive cruise control, traction control, auto parking, dual-zone climate control, speed sensing doors, and a list of other features which modern cars equip. It also has 18-inch alloys compared to the 16-inch wheels in the 250G and 8 airbags.

Purchase Decision

The owner previously drove a 2021 Corolla Grande and wanted to switch to an imported car. He had a budget of Rs. 4 to 4.5 million, so he opted for this car as it had way more features than local cars and was in immaculate condition.

Fuel Average of Toyota Mark X

According to the owner, this 3.0-liter mark X gives around 10 km/l within the city and around 13 to 14 km/l on the highway. “The bigger the engine, the better output and fuel average,” he stated.

Maintenance and Spare Parts

According to the owner, used parts are readily available in local markets, and are pocket-friendly as the car is pretty old. The owner replaced the cracked dashboard, a known issue of the mark x, which was easily available in the local market. The owner does basic maintenance from local workshops, and oil change costs Rs. 6500 to 7000 every 5000 kilometers.

Ground Clearance of Toyota Mark X

The low stance of the Toyota Mark X may seem troublesome in terms of ground clearance, but as per the owner, it does not touch the ground even with 4 passengers as the car does not drop its height and clears speed bumps with ease. This particular car has a body kit, so the front lip sometimes scrapes the road, but otherwise, it’s good to go.

Known Faults in Toyota Mark X

One of Mark X’s main issues is the cracking dashboard, which many other Toyota models faced in that era. Secondly, the rear hump takes up a lot of space, compromising comfort for the rear passengers. Another known issues is the headlight throw decreases with time, and the bonnet shocks wear out with time.


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