Public transport fares reduced and SC rules that prices of CNG to remain the same

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Although Supreme Court itself admits that it is not the authority to decide prices of commodities, however, it is to be noted that Justice should be provided to the people when they’re being ripped of their rights.

Today, at the listening of the case, Supreme Court said that the price will remain the same at 54.16 rupees.

Meanwhile, transporters were reluctant to reduce the prices after the deduction of 30 rupees from the price per kg of CNG but now they have and the reduction in fares is not as prompt neither it is much compared to when the prices of petroleum products rise.

It should be noted that the reduction in fares is temporary as the transporters demand that separate fares be charged on the loadshedding days.

The minimum fare in Karachi would be rupees 10, a reduction of only 4 rupees was made while no information of maximum fare is available as of yet.

In the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, fares were only cut by 3-5 rupees which garnered criticism from civilians as everyone was expecting a drop of rupees 7-10 after the major slash in CNG prices.

The government of Punjab has announced for 25-30 % decrease in the fares and has called upon the local transporters to sought the new prices.

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  1. Umair Lal says

    the lists are not provided and the buses are charging the same…

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