Qingqi Rickshaws Banned Across Pakistan


Supreme Court of Pakistan has banned the use of unregistered motorcycle Qingqi rickshaws across the country. In a hearing on Wednesday, Supreme Court said that there would be an exception made for the rickshaws approved by the concerned Government authorities. The two-member bench of Pakistan’ Premiere Court headed by Justice Gulzar Ahmed issued an order stating that only the approved Qingqi rickshaws will be allowed to commute.

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Criticizing the poor public transportation standards in the country, Justice Gulzar Ahmed argued that “Buses from the 1950s are still operational in Karachi, and noisy Qingqi rickshaws are running all over the country. These rickshaws are dangerous and often flip over while maneuvering sharp turns.”
He further added that the government had launched public transportation services like Metro Bus, Green Bus, and Orange Line but no one has taken a step to regulate the Qingqi Rickshaw system. So with this step, the ace authorities are hoping to accelerate this vetting process.